L&N ops over the SAL, Cartersville-Rockmart-Wellington

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I posted this question on the L&N site, http://www.egroups.com/group/lnrr (start with message number 206, and be sure to see #214) and got some responses there. Apparantly, the L&N did operate some trains over the Seaboard via Cartersville-Rockmart-Wellington, at least during the Family Lines timeframe.

Anyone else aware of these operations in NW GA and AL?


Tom Randall Kennesaw, GA

-- Tom Randall (tkrandall@mindspring.com), June 26, 2000


Tom, i ran bham to atl on this scl track in 1980-1981, and again in 1986 for about 6months. the l and n did have trackage rights from cartersville to rockmart to wellington on scl track. i can't remember the train numbers that the l and n used though. they were required to sign the register book in the rockmart depot when they were going back to cartersville, because that portion was dark territory. i well remember one night i was the fireman on eastbound SCL train 228, i was firing for Tom Voyles, we had cut off in our siding and backed into rockmart to pu from the Southern transfer. we had coupled up in the Southern transfer, when our brakeman, i can't remember who he was, yelled into his radio, YA'LL HOLD ON! the l and n train, the local that i can't remember the train number, had come into rockmart, which was yard limits, not expecting to find a train. but there we were!!! he shot the air, and got stopped less than one car length from sideswipping our engines!! to add to his problems, and ours, it was downhill coming into rockmart from cartersville. that remains my most serious incident in railroading. i am still with CSX as a locomotive engineer.

-- Dan Henderson (dghender@surfsouth.com), October 26, 2000.

Tom, Maybe I can help you answer parts of this question. Yes the L&N did operate trains on the former S.C.L. Atlanta-Birmingham main line. From talking to L&N engineers who used to work out of Birmingham, they mostly operated loaded coal trains to the Georgia Power plant at Stilesboro, Georgia. These trains were either coal trains loaded with western Kentucky coal or Alabama coal off the Birmingham Mineral subdivision. Today CSX operates these trains utilizing eastern Kentucky coal and they run from either Hazard or Loyall Kentucky down the KD, K&A, and W&A to Stilesboro. I am not sure how many coal trains CSX runs a day but it is atleast one a day. These are L&N crews with their home terminal at Etowah, TN. Sometimes they turn at Stilesboro and take the empties back north to Etowah after unloading at Stilesboro. I will check with some friends to see if they know the train frequency. Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY

-- Justin Dzan (jbdzan@aol.com), July 14, 2000.

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