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Has any one noticed the complete difference between Medical Students and the involvement of the residents assigned to them? I mean, with Benton and Carter, even though the relationship was rocky, Benton worked all the time with him, and helped him through. With Abby, no-one even knew who was supposed to be helping her for ages and even then, Malucci doesn't seem to care at all about helping her, and it's Carter who spends most time with her. Take the way Benton said in one episode, 'Who gave you permission to give instructions to my student?' - and compare it to the attitude of Malucci and you'll see what I mean!

-- Vicki (, June 25, 2000


I got the impression from "BSMY" that Abby was initially Carter's student. Then probably because of his attack/injuries she was re- assigned to Malucci.

-- AmyE (, June 25, 2000.

Yes, that does really kind of bother me. Benton supervised Carter and any of his other students VERY closely. And Carter was ALWAYS with Lucy, or any of his other students. Someone said a long while ago that since Abby was a nurse, maybe she didn't need as much supervision, but that doesn't seem like a good enough excuse. There's a lot she didn't know. Is Malucchi her assigned teacher, or was he just supervising her that day? Because both Mark and Carter have taken over working with her. Though it is very inconsistent that she wouldn't have one assigned teacher.

-- Elaine (, June 26, 2000.

Maybe I dreamed this, but I thought there was something in "Abby Road," Abby's first appearance as a med student, that said Malucci was her supervisor in a very subtle way. Anyone else remember it that way?

-- Diana (, June 27, 2000.

Abby is Malucci's student. We can see glipmse of this in Abby Road. Remember, Malucci let her intubate the old man, but Carter was there only because he wanted Abby to try out the new video/camera gadget. Malucci even mention (referring to himself) that Abby was able to do the intubation with ease because she had a good teacher. Abby agreed but referring this statement to Carter instead of Malucci. In BSMH, the only reason Carter was there to help Abby was because Mrs. Connelly (the old lady) asked for Carter.

Abigail Carterologist

-- abigail (, June 28, 2000.

Thanks, Abigail! When I watched the rerun of "Abby Road" recently I thought, "so Abby was Malucci's student all along," but then I couldn't remember what happened that gave me that I do!

-- Diana (, June 28, 2000.

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