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Hoots post about water is very timely for us. About 18 months ago we had a new well drilled at our homestead because our existing 76' deep well was 2 1/2 times the acceptable level for nitrates. The well driller ended up hitting a pressurized artesian well at 180', which was nice as far as water amount, but we had to install a drain tile and drill a 2" hole in the casing about 6' down because the water would not stop flowing out the top of the casing. The real problem is that the water , while crystal clear, stinks like a truck load of rotten eggs! It will actually make you gag a little when you first take a drink ( I guess you wine drinkers would call that the bouquet ) Anyway, we installed a whole house carbon filter that was supposed to last about 5 years before the carbon media bed would have to be redone, but it only lasted 4 months. The filter guy re did the carbon media with some real expensive stuff ( under warranty ) that would last for 2-3 years but it has been 4 more months and the smell is back. They have tested for everything they can think of and are stumped. It is not iron rust bacteria which smells the same or similar, so I am asking you all... Anybody know how to get rid of the hydrogen sulfide (sulphur) smeel in well water?

-- Mike (MSTYDALE@AEROINC.NET), June 24, 2000


Well, Mike, its time to get serious. Ashcan the cute little homeowner filter and call an industrial water treatment supplier. (Or industrial chemical supplier, whatever you can find) Ask them about an activated charcoal pot. You'll end up with a big tank and big bags of activated charcoal. Every few months you'll need to change the charcoal, much like dealing with the salt in a water softener. The used charcoal can be spread on the ground, in your compost, or you could dry it and see how smelly it burns in your fireplace. Wish I could tell you some solution that you could walk away from for years on end, but I can't.

The companies might be a bit hinky at first at dealing with a homeowner, if you know someone who deals with one of these companies, ask for a name of an employee to help get you in the door. Mostly they are very knowledgable about water treatment (if that's their business) and will be glad to help.

The only other thing would be to use this water for things where the smell won't bother you too much, then consider catching rainwater or another alternative for drinking, cooking and washing. Gerbil

-- Gerbil (, June 24, 2000.

Hi Gerbil.The sad thing is this is a activated charcoal pot. It sits right next to the softener and holds about 200 # of charcoal. I guess I need to find a better source for my charcoal because this company that sold it to me wants $120 to re bed the thing!Any leads or company names?

-- Mike (, June 24, 2000.

Mike! Have you checked the water for natural gas? The driller I used drilled a well north of my place 6 miles. Didn't get lots of water but sure did get the natural gas---it smells like rotten eggs too. After making the well gas tight a 10# gas regulator was installed at the well and a 2nd stage was installed at the house. They heated their house with it plus used the stinking water also. They just let theirs stink---house full of dogs and cats it didn't make much difference. Matt. 24:44

-- hoot gibson (, June 24, 2000.

All the artesian water I've ever tasted has a bad taste to it. An alternative to treating 'all' the water is to just treat that which you are going to drink. I've got a shallow well, with lots of iron. I've also got gravity flow water from my pond/lake located higher than my house. In the summer it develops a tannin taste. I just treat what I'm gonna drink. Ceramic kitchen counter filters. Do a couple a gallons a day. The one from Lehmans'll last for a long time, and you can clean em.

One of my pet peeves is that 'city' water is all treated and safe to drink, but in reality, way less than 1% is used for drinkin, the rest is commodes, baths, and lawns. Which really don't need treating.

-- phil briggs (, June 25, 2000.

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