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I couldn't find the answer anywhere, so sorry if I missed it. Anyway, why are there different versions of episodes shown on different coasts and internationally? Is there a legal reason?

-- Kristal (teetle1@juno.com), June 24, 2000


I don't know if you are talking about Ambush... which was filmed live on the East Coast and then again on the West coast. Obviously, there were some differences because of screw ups, ad libs, etc. As far as I know, all the other shows are taped and should be the same all over the place. Hope this helps!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), June 24, 2000.

Thanks Amanda! I am talking about "Ambush" mainly. Your explanation makes sense. I've never seen "Ambush" at all. However, it seems like I remember some viewers saying that "All in the Family" was different. For instance, here in America we saw Kerry walk into the room, gasp, and put her hand over her mouth, and it looked like she moved forward, but that's when the opening credits started. I thought that the UK and Canadian viewers actually saw Kerry run over to try and start helping them. Can anyone confirm this?

-- kristal (teetle1@juno.com), June 24, 2000.

Kristal, acutually, us up here in Canada saw the same version of AITF as you people did in the US. I believe it was the people in the UK and over in Europe that saw the other version of AITF. I really hope that they play that version during the repeats of AITF, just like NBC flipped the two seperate Ambush episodes per coast. For some reason, that scene of AITF was cut out, and I was really dissapointed when I saw AITF, and all Kerry did was gasp and cover her mouth. ;)


-- Amy (areinders@hotmail.com), June 24, 2000.

We only saw her gasp and move forward too in the UK. Sometimes - there are scenes edited out in the UK version to meet time limits I imagine, but its only a few lines and doesn't make a huge difference. Hope that helps.

-- Vicki (ms_peachy_pie@hotmail.com), June 25, 2000.

I wondered the same thing. I was looking at screen captures last night and there was one of Kerry standing in the door. Then there was a close up of her covering her mouth. And then there was one of Lucy and Carter lying on the floor. (it was a shot looking from the door.) On Be Still My Heart, the shot from above showing Carter and Lucy on the floor, where did that go? Thanks.

-- danielle (DPsax4@aol.com), June 25, 2000.

I think the reason they didn't use that shot of Kerry is she could see both Carter and Lucy, thus Carter could have seen her when he first walked into the room too.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), June 25, 2000.

I don't know if this helps but I recall the scene that is being discussed: an overhead shot of Carter and Lucy both lying on the floor in pools of blood. The only time it was show (I'm in America on the east coast) was in the previews for AITF at the end of BSMH. But it was not shown in the actually episode. That wouldn't be the first time: remember the previews showing Benton and Cleo walking down a street holding hands?

-- Larry B. (larrybro95@hotmail.com), June 26, 2000.

I agree with you, Larry, the overhead shot was shown in the previews after BSMH. I think that shot was edited out for that reason. If they did use that shot in AITF and we see it after Kerry was running to them, it would be an akward scene because then, they would need a continuation for that scene. That means they couldn't have been able to do the opening credits.

All in all, I think the producers were right in not including that shot for AITF because we already seen Carter & Lucy on the floor at the end of BSMH. It would be kind of redundant to see them again. Actually, the way they did it was perfect. They could have done any better.

Abigail, Carterologist

-- abigail (abbyqueen@aol.com), June 28, 2000.

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