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Thank you for your prompt replies to our question.

We shall certainly be writing to the insurance co. to find out if the chq has been cashed. If not, we may consider asking them to re-issue a chq direct to us.

We believe we have enough documentation to prove our case on this issue, but there are quite a few other figures supplied by DLA which don't quite add up. We are also working on these issues right now and we will keep you informed of any developments.

We have not heard from DLA for nearly a month since informing them of the above, which is unusual and rather worrying.

ps Thanks again

-- (spooley@madasafish.com), June 24, 2000


I have no advice for you but am going through a shortfall claim for over 30000. I wrote to DLA asking for evidence of good marketing of the property invoices for all costs etc. Don't be 'worried' that you haven't heard for a month it took them 4 months to get back to me, then with incomplete letters that contradicted themselves in some instances. One week after getting this i got the computer generated ' court in 7 days letter, my 16th. Keep going, we are the small people and all of this is pennies to them but they don't relise they are wrecking lives for 'pennies'.

-- drobbrown (drobbrown@onetel.net.uk), June 25, 2000.

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