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We have had conversations about Mark and Elizabeth's relationship and I just wanted to say that I really thought Mark and Elizabeth were very cute in Be Still My Heart. It was more toward the beginning of their relationship and they were still at that sort of "giddy" stage. The snowball fight was too cute and you could tell that Lucy thought so as well. I really felt that there was chemistry there. I liked the playfullness of their relationship -- Elizabeth is like that and Peter is so stiff that, too me, they just didn't go together (I think of the time she dressed up for Halloween). I really like Mark and Elizabeth together. I think the relationship between their parents and then the illness of Mark's father (maybe even Lucy's death too) slowed down the development of their relationship some, but I really think (and hope) that they will stay together and get into a very serious relationship. In other thoughts?!

-- amanda (, June 24, 2000


I agree, M&E make a very nice couple. The snowball fight was cute. I wish they would show more than the cute moments though (not that I don't appreciate those). They really don't show much of their relationships development on screen. For example, I didn't realize they had exchanged keys (which is a big development where I'm from) until Elizabeth let herself into Mark's apartment in Loose Ends. But I'm sure you're right and David's illness and death, Lucy's death and Carter's intervention were all distactions that could have slowed the relationship down. Maybe they will address the status of their relationship more next season. I do hope they stay together though so Mark can be happy for awhile.

-- Amelia D. (, June 24, 2000.

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