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Help! I've got a Buon Caffe Machine Model 320 but I have no instructions. This first button you switch bewteen a blank square or a square with a P, second button between a cup and steam, and third looks like an on/off switch. I am new to these types of machines, and I think I remember something about always keeeping water in it. Thanks for any help.

-- Mike Conover (jetjumper1515@aol.com), June 24, 2000


I'm visiting my sister in Sarasota and she just happens to have a Boun Caffe machine. I asked her how to operated it. Her suggestion was to go to Starbucks and have them demonstrate it to you since that is their machine. You may also be able to e-mail or write them and recieve a copy of the owners manual. Good Luck!

-- marcel (estopinal@yahoo.com), December 24, 2000.

I have a Buon Caffe Model 320 with the manual. I'd be willing to photocopy the manual for ya if you still want it. Can you send me a digital picture of the machine for my records please? I'll send you the manual copy.

-- david behar (dbehar1961@aol.com), May 09, 2002.

David, I'm wondering if you still have the file(s) handy from the Buon Caffe 320 manual you scanned and wouldn't mind shooting me a copy? We just picked one up at a garage sale, unused. (Ah, the endless pleasures of summer suburban life.) I'd be happy to trade a picture of a DeLonghi Caffe Treviso wearing a garter belt and spiked heels. Thank you. Best regards, Margaret

-- Margaret X (margaretxjem@netscape.net), August 16, 2002.

Hi there!! I just pulled my machine back out... I lost my manual and if you don't mind sending me the scans by email, I would love to have them!


-- Max Auffhammer (mauffham@econ.ucsd.edu), August 29, 2002.

I would love to have a copy of the basic instructions too! I have a fax machine and would be SO grateful if you could fax me just the basics. I don't live ANYWHERE near a Starbucks, so cannot get a demo. I hadn't used it for almost 2 years and I pretty much remember how, but when I push the P button, no water comes out. (Yes, I remembered to put water in and wait for quite a while). Thanks so muc, Lisa Fax: 540-943-6457

-- Lisa Peruchini (lisap@cfw.com), October 18, 2002.

Also needing Boun Caffe Model 320 instructions....just pick up machine garage sale! Please email instructions. Would be so ever grateful.


-- D Hudnall (ddbs@tyler.net), November 16, 2002.

Me too! I can sure use a copy of the Buon Caffe 320 manual. Please e-mail

-- t pho (rcktscnts@aol.com), March 08, 2003.

I am also in need of the instruction manual for this old espresso machine. Rather than this endless stream of requests for email, would it be possible for someone to post a link to this manual where it is available online?

-- Fred Peterson (fpeterson69@hotmail.com), March 27, 2003.

SUBJECT: NEW GASKET NEEDED Anyone know where I can obtain a replacement gasket for a model 330? Incidently, I have the manual for this model if needed

-- jon carol (eschewobfuscations@yahoo.com), April 20, 2003.

I would really appreciate it if somebody could send the manual of the Buon Caffe 320.

Thanks a lot.

-- Ricardo Serrano (riserran@ucsd.edu), June 24, 2003.

Here in Japan I've just bought a deLonghi Caffe Treviso model Bar 14 -- but no English instructions.... and I can't find them on the web either! Can anyone help? Thanks,


-- David Loy (loy@shonan.bunkyo.ac.jp), June 29, 2003.


have emailed manual to you


-- Paul Frank (flase@hotmail.com), October 03, 2003.

Hi, I just got the Buon Caffe Machine Model 320 and do not have instructions for it. Could someone out there PLEASE send me them on to me by email? Thanks so much, Linda

-- Linda Brown (arkthrift@hotmail.com), October 12, 2003.

I am in need of instructions for this model as well! If anyone who has received them would please e-mail them to me soon, Lord bless you, I would be greatly appreciative!! Thank you~

-- Beth (broadway_baby3@yahoo.com), October 18, 2003.

Sorry, I meant model 320 of the Buon Caffe when I said I need instructions! Please send them, anyone who has access. Thanks again! :)

-- Beth (broadway_baby3@yahoo.com), October 18, 2003.

I also need a manual. I would certainly appreciate it if anyone could e-mail me a copy, please! Thanks so much!

-- Bill Ferrante (ferrante@buckeye-express.com), October 31, 2003.

Interestingly enough, I have an exact clone of this machine, but it's flagged as "Alton". Picked it up for free at a garage sale, but seems to work well for a steam machine. No manual, tho, so if someone could email me a Buon Caffe manual scan I would be grateful.

-- Mike (talos@sprynet.com), November 05, 2003.

I no longer have a Buon Caffe Model 330 (Very good machine).

BUT I DO HAVE THE MANUAL. Email me if you need a copy. nwnotorca@telus.net December 2003

-- Operating Manual (nwnotorca@telus.net), December 01, 2003.

I've been trying to figure it out for about three weeks now:( Can someone email me instructions???

-- Krystal Trevino (krissy4@hotmail.com), December 13, 2003.

Here are the quick instructions for brewing espresso with the model 320 (follow these instructions without espresso grounds and a filter to clean your machine before use):

**before you brew, the 3 buttons should be in this arrangement :

-top button should be in the position of the empty square -middle button should be in the position of the "cup" -bottom button should be in the position of the empty circle

1. add water and insert coffee grounds, turn the bottom button to the "on" setting (red light comes on) 2. WAIT for the yellow light to come on - that means it's ready to brew 3. put a cup under the spout (i don't recommend using the stainless cup that came with your machine - it's too hard to get out after it's already been filled with hot liquid...use it only for steaming milk) 4. and finally, to brew, turn the top button towards the "P" symbol to release enough liquid to fill one cup. Brewing can be slow so be patient.

I never steam milk so i can't remember how to do that - sorry! If you play with it you can probably figure it out.

-- Katie (kt2box@excite.com), January 18, 2004.

I have buon #330 and no instructions or parts list????Anyone???

-- julie franken (juljules@verizon.net), April 03, 2004.

I have the manual. I can fax the manual after I copy it. Just picked it up off of Craigs List. My machine leaks at the frothing wand. When I unscrew the wand I can see one small rubber gasket. Does yours have two? The seller suggested that was the reason for the leak.

-- Susan Priano (smpriano@hotmail.com), April 17, 2004.

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