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I have a couple of questions ablut "Ambush". Did they show the east coast version or the west coast? I think they left out a scene didn't they? I missed the orginal showing but I read the review and the LOTW was Doug talking about Mr. Welby or something like that. I didn't see that in this episode. What was that scene they missed about? They interviews Mark about the his attack and he said that he never thought that that would happen in the ER. He said that they're now vulnerable. I thought "Mark, you have no idea how right you are going to be in two and a half years from now." Did anyone else think that? I wonder ehy noone had interviwed anyone like Carter about his attack, the death of Lucy and what steps they are going to take to make sure it;s safer there. I don't think they've done anything to make it safer like install security cameras in the exam rooms. My last comment is that I loved this episode! It was so cool! Sorry I kept on rambling here.

-- Cammie (, June 23, 2000


I think they showed the East coast version. I remember reviews after the first time Ambush was aired said something about the scene with Doug and the little baby girl being slightly differnt. In the East coast version, the baby reacted to Clooney and stopped crying as soon as he walked in and cried on cue when he touched her. While in the west coast version, she just sat there.

Also the line about Welby was at the very beginning when Carter walked in and asked if they needed help. As Doug walked out he made the comment about being "sick of assisting Dr. Welby here."

-- Cincyn (, June 24, 2000.

You may want to recheck that, if you taped it. If I recall, TNT aired the "combined" version which edited in the best of the east and west. I have both...I have the east coast on official WB video and the west coast I taped during summer reruns (NBC switched them at the time so east coast could see west coast and vice-versa). What I recall is that TNT aired the combined version their first time through.

-- Phyl (, June 24, 2000.

Do any UK viewers know which version was shown here? Perhaps it was the combined one - I can't exactly remember. Sorry this is a bit off topic :)

-- Rosie (, June 24, 2000.

All I know is, if I were the cameraman filming the ER staff and I was filming the bit where Carter was laughing at the old guy offering stud service, I would have dropped the camera and swooned. :-) That's part of what made it not seem realistic; no doctor is that cute in real life. (And that goes for the whole ER cast, really... everyone at the hospital was so good-looking.)

-- Tracy (, June 24, 2000.

My bad! I didn't know there was a combined version. I just remebered those comments after the first run. Until yesterday, I'd only saw the West coast verion once before. Sorry if I gave out bad info. =)

-- Cincyn (, June 24, 2000.

Arg! Please be kind, because I don't have cable TV and was not watching ER regularly at the time "Ambush" originally aired. Are you guys saying that they filmed it twice, live, both times, and both versions were aired? And then they edited the two versions together for syndication? Please don't flame me, I checked the FAQ and it doesn't specify.

-- Cecelia (, June 24, 2000.

Oh, *please* can't we flame you? I have some marshmallows right here Yes, what you say is exactly right. They did two versions of the episode in one night. One aired in the eastern and central time zones of the U.S. and Canada, one in mountain and pacific time zones. So, there were really two separate episodes of Exodus. WB offers (or they did a few years ago) a tape of each "version." I have both versions (one I taped, one I bought) and then TNT aired a combined version, using the best parts of each. For instance, in the east coast version, when Doug began examining the baby, she screamed as if on cue, but was cool as a cucumber in the west coast version.

Hope that helps.

-- Phyl (, June 24, 2000.

Hee hee...Thanks, Phyl. I'm sure I'll say something really, really stupid again soon, so the marshmallows won't go to waste. :)

-- Cecelia (, June 24, 2000.

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