Did anyone notice how ironic it was in Be Still My Heart....???

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Did anyone notice the ironic line Carter told Abby perhaps 5 minutes before he got stabbed "Heads will Roll?" Wow.

Also, I cant get over his acting job as he tries to stay awake, the pain enveloping him...he's sweating, and he's pushing himself off the floor, but eventually fails, only to see Lucy. That one part where their eyes widen left me like speechless...soooo chilling

-- Emily (FallenLilac22@cs.com), June 23, 2000


I agree Emily, the looks on his face were so great. The look when he sees Lucy was the best, I think. It says so much. Noah Wyle was excellent as was Kellie Martin.

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), June 23, 2000.

There was a lot of little things like that in this episode. Like when Luka was reading the candy hearts and said "Cutty pie" instead of cutie pie...or if I really wanted to read into it more...what was up with the blue cake!? Could that have signified death? Like when someone dies, they turn blue...Just a thought. (A little morbid, I know:)

-- Joy (joijoy@webtv.net), June 24, 2000.

Also when they were cutting the cake someone said "You know we do have a bigger kknife for that" and Amira said "I couldn't find it" Pretty morbid to me!

-- Stephanie (ERGirl22@aol.com), June 24, 2000.

The knife thing really bothered me. "Couldn't find it!" Yeah, cuz some nut patient is stabbing Lucy in the back with it.

The look on Carter's face was phenomenal. The way Noah's eyes just got wet and red and scared. Amazing.

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), June 25, 2000.

I didn't even catch the knife comment until the second veiwing

-- Tedduy (richarr@earthlink.net), July 26, 2001.

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