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6 things to tell you about today.

1. Do the words NATIONAL EMERGENCY mean anything to you?

They don't to my YAHOO news
or any other major news source that I have seen yet this morning.
Yet, the president sent a letter to the US Congress YESTERDAY
regarding the NUCLEAR WEAPON SITUATION in Russia.

I would think this would be the TOP HEADLINE everywhere.
What declaring a national emergency permits -
is that the US President can then set aside normal civil law
to deal with the emergency.

What is the emergency?
Well, when you cut away all the fluff,
Russia has said that they are going to stop destroying
their nuclear stockpile.
In FACT they HAVE stopped destroying their nuclear stockpile.
Many individual news items last week,
(by General head of Russian Army,
a member of Parliament,
by Putin himself)
saying that they would retaliate because of US ABM activity,
continued US activity vis a vis Baltic's, Near East, etc.
Simply that they are increasing their nuclear readiness.

The Diplomatic "excuse" given by the Russians
for violating their agreement
is that there is a "threat"
that the US "might" confiscate their funds.
The US NATIONAL EMERGENCY issued yesterday
is to be allow Clinton to assure them the funds won't be confiscated
(what some have attributed to a Jesse Helm's plot - but no matter).
And ANYWAY this is not going to make a difference to the Russians.
It was "just" an excuse.
They are doing what they are doing - no matter.

I feel sure, if many people knew,
how so many things hang by a thread,
the degree to which the threat of terrorist attacks exist,
NSA and CIA information about the rapidity of military buildup,
the new arms being developed and delivered on every side,
and the diplomatic impasses that exist with extremists everywhere
they would not be able to sleep at night
and would wonder how the president can.

2. Yesterday, I learned about Amman's meeting with
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah.
Of course his public announcement did not mention
the Hezbollah by name,
(because the UN is not supposed to be meeting with Terrorist groups).
He simply said that he had met with a "non-governmental group".
Still it was Hezbollah.
Amman said that progress had been made.
Not on your life.
Or rather the life of Israel.

3. The PLA and Arafat are completely passe'.
The real score is with 3 other groups
a. Hezbollah,
b. Hamas (Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement),
c. and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
(if you don't know the significance of Jihad,
you really should find out).

These were supposed to be controlled by Syria,
(because Syria claims Lebanon - at least in their mind)
but as I have been saying for some weeks
control would be lost with the passing of King Assad.
It has happened.
Iran has now taken over,
and the battle is moving away from Palestine to the West Bank.
Iran (and Iran alone)
is able to coordinate all three terrorist groups.
(The same phrase that I used weeks ago.)
For a report dated today on that subject look at:

4. Serious, serious news this morning.
The General of the Lebanese Army states that a
"river of weapons" from the disbanding Palestinian units
is flooding into the West Bank.

Just look at these FOUR visible pieces of news TODAY
added to the FOURTEEN that happened in  the last two weeks,
(which I sent you a couple of days ago)
and added to the dozens that I have sent you over the last months.
It may well be that none of them in themselves
will cause the peace to collapse,
but it is the TOTAL LOAD and build up.
I will not reiterate my LONG, LONG litany here.
If you do not know by now
the GREAT and SERIOUS problems that I  have told you about
it is too late to convince you anyhow.

But each day.
Another problem.
Another straw on the Arab Camel's load.
The old story -
one more straw and eventually it will sit down
(called the straw that breaks the camel's back).
Each day another straw -
to the gigantic load that exists.
From today.
Within 60 days.
Very likely closer to earlier part of the period.
Could be today.
I see it very possible in the next 3-4 weeks.
I have explained all the reasons before.

5. New subject.
The Inquisition went well.
Stretched a bit on the rack.
But alive.
A day of drama.
Vicious accusers.
Good lawyer - dramatic turns of events.
But not to bother you with the details,
as miraculous as they were to me.
Bottom line.
Decision won't be rendered until July 11th.
God knows.

6. A bit of humor.
On the way to the Hearing noticed a brand new sign
as I pulled out onto the road.
Our land has now been designated by the United Nations
as being part of the World Reserve Global Geosphere.
Can you imagine!
I never even saw anything about this in the newspapers,
or even heard about it (of course we were gone -
but thought someone would have mentioned it.)
Yep the NWO is taking over.
Course, can't be too soon for me.
It is the locals that give me all the trouble.
As I told the lawyer -
now we can appeal to a world court.

At least life isn't boring.
We DO live in interesting times.

Peace and love,
Bruce Beach

-- cpr (, June 23, 2000


Does this have anything to do with the 6 f's from your previous post?

-- Hep me out here (?@?.?), June 23, 2000.

Keep posting.

Both are "rorschach tests".

-- cpr (, June 23, 2000. html

Thursday June 22 7:17 PM ET

Clinton Clears Uranium Shipments

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton has moved to guarantee that money paid to Russia as part of a swords-to-plowshares uranium deal is not seized by creditors, clearing the way for resumed shipments of processed Russian uranium to the United States.

The president issued an executive order Thursday protecting payments made to Russia under the deal. Russia had been concerned that payments would be seized by creditors trying to collect a past unrelated debts from Russia.

The order frees Russia to resume shipping low enriched uranium that has been blended down after being taken from nuclear weapons stockpiles, so it can be used in U.S. commercial reactors.

Now that the uranium has been ruled off-limits by Clinton, ``we're expecting shipments to start again next week,'' said Elizabeth Stuckle, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Enrichment Corp., which is the U.S. agent for the Russian uranium purchases.

The deal is a cornerstone of U.S. attempts to get Russia to dispose of nuclear weapons material so that it doesn't fall into the hands of terrorists or other rogue groups.

``We're telling Russia we will not allow the proceeds of this sale to be attached to unrelated litigation, so you can resume shipments with confidence,'' said White House spokesman P.J. Crowley.

Russia's minister of atomic energy notified Energy Secretary Bill Richardson on May 5 that uranium shipments would be halted because of concerns that the proceeds would be seized as part of the unrelated litigation by a Swiss creditor.

Clinton said suspension of the uranium sales posed ``an unusual and extraordinary threat'' to U.S. national security because uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons is accumulating in Russia.

For the last few weeks, uranium has been held at a dock in St. Petersburg because of the uncertainty over the creditor's legal claims, Stuckle said.

The 20-year contract, worth about $11 billion, calls for Russia to export more than 500 tons of recycled uranium from scrapped weapons to the United States. So far, about 80 tons have been sent.

-- Puddentain (Ask@again.IWillSayTheSame), June 23, 2000. l Add

Tuesday June 20 3:37 PM ET

U.N. Chief Meets Hezbollah Leader

By SAM F. GHATTAS, Associated Press Writer

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan shook hands Tuesday with the leader of Hezbollah, treating the group Washington views as a sponsor of international terrorism as a partner for peace on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

It was the first meeting between Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and a senior international official, and highlighted the fast-changing politics of the Middle East. The Iranian-backed Hezbollah spent nearly two decades locked in battle to drive Israeli troops from southern Lebanon, and now controls the territory Israel abandoned last month.

After the meeting, Nasrallah issued a warning that Hezbollah will renew attacks against Israel if it continues to occupy Lebanese soil.

The United Nations said Saturday that Israel had completely withdrawn from southern Lebanon under U.N. resolutions, which also call for the deployment of peacekeepers along the border. But Lebanon has accused Israel of continuing to occupy its territory.

The guerrillas ``will not wait for long for political efforts to resolve the violations and, as they have done in the past, will definitely work toward liberating every inch of occupied land,'' Nasrallah said in a statement after meeting Annan.

Annan promised to take up the issue when he meets with officials in Israel on Wednesday, and said he had instructed his peacekeepers to investigate alleged Israeli violations of the U.N.-drawn border.

``We take any violation very seriously and we will be vigilant in investigating each and every violation and ensure that they are corrected,'' Annan told reporters.

In Israel, Foreign Ministry spokesman Aviv Shiron declined to comment on the allegations of border violations, but said Israel hopes the U.N. chief ``will treat with the same seriousness'' the requirement that Lebanon deploy its armed forces in the south to ensure peace in line with U.N. resolutions.

Meanwhile, Israeli Likud party official Yuval Steinitz said the meeting between Annan and Nasrallah lent legitimacy to a group that should be considered a terrorist organization. Uri Savir of the moderate Center party, however, said the encounter could help ``to convince Hezbollah that they have to advance their goals by political means.''

Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh declined to comment on the meeting.

The U.N. chief said he had a ``very good discussion'' with Nasrallah about the role of U.N. peacekeepers as well as the need for economic and social aid for south Lebanon. He said he and Nasrallah discussed cooperation between the government and ``non-state parties'' but did not refer to Hezbollah by name.

Lebanon is reluctant to send the army to the south before the U.N. peacekeepers deploy. Beirut has repeatedly said it does not want its soldiers to be Israel's border guards in the absence of a comprehensive peace settlement with Israel involving Lebanon and Syria, the main power broker in Lebanon.

Since the Israeli withdrawal, Hezbollah guerrillas have been treated like heroes in many parts of Lebanon and the Arab world. The casualties inflicted by Hezbollah on Israeli forces in southern Lebanon weakened Israel's resolve to sustain the 18-year occupation.

Hezbollah draws its support from the 1.2 million-member Shiite Muslim community, Lebanon's largest sect, and enjoys the financial backing of Iran and the crucial political endorsement of Syria.

But Hezbollah remains shunned by Western governments. In the 1980s, it was believed to be the umbrella group for militants who kidnapped Westerners and destroyed two U.S. Embassy compounds, the U.S. Marine headquarters at Beirut and a French military base. A total of about 290 Americans and about 60 French soldiers were killed. Hezbollah is on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations.

-- Duck (, June 23, 2000.

what evil, lurks in the heart of man? satan know,s & pull,s the chain,s.

-- al-d. (, June 23, 2000.

"Both are "rorschach tests".

I thought the "What is this thing?" threads qualified for that.

-- Anita (, June 23, 2000.

This was "advanced" Rorschach.
See how well it works. Pick a subject and the Doomzies come up with the knee jerk "Baaaad" link.
It goes like this, "Sun looked great coming up this AM".
Doom Zombie: "Sunshine causes skin cancer and at the rate we are going, by this weekend, 1/2 the population in the cities will have skin cancer. Get out of the cities now before the pile of bodies is too high".

"Cloudy and muggy this A.M."
Doomzie: "Just another example of the Global Warming TPTB are covering up. Its caused by their spraying chemicals from the planes high up before they fall from the skies because of the Y2k embedded chip problem that will last until 2010 according to that expert, Lord Jim."
Nice sunset.
DOOM-A-Zoid: "See that red up there? Thats all the chemical and toxic gases from the industries that nobody has done anything about all this time." ETC.

-- cpr (, June 23, 2000.

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