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My daughter, an RN, just got her BS and a job offer ($60-70K) in King City, California. Does anyone know anything about that area. Most of the people live in Paso Robles and commute. Any infomration would be appreciated. Very improtant!! Eagle

-- eagle (, June 23, 2000


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Hi Eagle, I live about 25 miles from Paso Robles. What is it you would like to know. I can start by telling you that housing is very expensive here. House rentals start at $1200 per month. Homes with acreage start at about $250,000 for 21/2. Homes without can be had for about $150,000. Rentals are very hard to find, and there is a lot of competition. When we first moved here 3 years ago, we lived in our 18' trailer(with our 4 children) for 6 weeks before finding a rental. This is primarily a winegrape growing/Cattle raising area. Paso Robles is a wonderful small town. We have most of the conveniences. King City is about an hour from Paso. It is rather a commute, but there is not a lot of traffic on the 101. King City is a small but growing community with a lot of farm workers, from what I've seen. Salinas is about an hour the other direction. the people here are very friendly and the crime rate extremely low. Are ther any other question I can answer?

Little bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, June 23, 2000.

Response to CA


Although $60-70K sounds like a lot of money it might not be compared to her standard of living. It might be as low as $30K a year compared to where she lives. I suggest you visit and use the salary calculator to figure out what she will really be making.

-- Silicon Valley Man (, June 23, 2000.

Response to CA

$60-70K might sound like a lot, but it might not be. I know that where we live, that won't even qualify you for a condo loan. I used to live near there and it is a nice part of California, but growing quickly like all others parts. Also, you don't want to move north of King City, because it starts to get expensive because commuters to Silicon Valley. I don't mean to be negative, but cost of living here is high.

-- Silicon Valley Man's Wife (, June 23, 2000.

Response to CA

Little Bit, Silicon Man and Silicon Man's wife. Thanks so much for the info. My daughter, is here visiting us in Texas and is leaving at 6AM tomorrow morning. I appreciate the quick reply. Looks like she might aught to stay in Silver City, NM where she lives now. She would be getting a $12 per hour raise if she went to CA but looks like costs of living would more than eat it up. She has 2 sons who would go with her and that would make it more difficult to find a place there. I have to be over where she is staying at 6AM to see her off. I printed out a copy of your messages and she will be really grateful for the information. They are paying for her flight out to CA and buying her meals and paying all expenses, just so she can go out there and look the place over. Guess they need delivery nurses out there pretty bad. She has been working as a delivery nurse in Silver City since getting her 2 year nursing degree and has worked really hard to get the BS she just received. I'll post the information when she lets me know what she thought of it out there. Again, thanks ever so much for the pertinent info. Eagle

-- eagle (, June 23, 2000.

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