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Now that Y2K has been consigned to the ash-heap of history, it's time to move on to other topics. Many of you, of course, are here primarily because your friends are here. That's what the Web is all about, in my book.

But if you're interested in more in-depth discussion, join us at Poole's Roost. Believe it or not, I very much enjoy discussions of science, politics, religion, you name it. (Even failed tax protestor arguments[g].)

Our family has a long political history. Several of my relatives and friends have served as elected officials, and for most of my life, my father has been on the Board of Elections (usually as Chairman) for my home county back in NC.

Likewise, I have strong religious roots. I'm a conservative Presbyterian (member of the PCA), a Christian since the age of eight, and take that just as seriously. Perhaps just as many of my aquaintances are deeply involved in the church.

Science? When I was a kid, my nickname was "the professor." I wanted to be an astronaut so bad it hurt. :)

None of these have a great deal to do with Y2K (save -- maybe, and debatably) to prepare me for a (very) small role in debunking Y2K Doom. I'm tired of Y2K. This election year is going to be one of the most critical in many decades; there are a number of court cases pending before the courts that need public attention; and I want to focus on these things.

No need to leave this place, but drop in and join the discussion from time to time.

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, June 23, 2000


-- (just@helpin.out), June 23, 2000.

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