Who wrote that book???

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In the TNT episode a couple days ago (was it Random Acts?) did we ever find out who wrote that book that everybody kept reading? I remembered that Maggie and Kerry were outside in the hallway saying something about it, but I wasn't paying much attention to what they were saying because my attention was focused on Mark inside the bathroom after he was attacked!

-- Melanie (msintn@hotmail.com), June 22, 2000


The answer is in the FAQ. Kerry.

-- Yael (Zaglembia@hotmail.com), June 22, 2000.

If you see the epi again, Melanie, watch Kerry closely. You can tell by her face that it was her! Especially in the scene where everyone (including Kerry) is pinning it on Carol! So funny.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), June 23, 2000.

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