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KLSE Resolves Problem in Trading System

June 22, 2000 -- STAR ONLINE


KUALA LUMPUR: THE KLSE opened for trading as usual at 9 am yesterday after having detected a systems problem prior to market opening. The problem, which interrupted trading information from being disseminated to stockbroking companies and information vendors, was detected at 7 am, the exchange said in a statement released after the market closed in the afternoon, to explain the events that occurred in the morning.

KLSE said the cause of the problem was a malfunctioning disk which triggered a shutdown of the system's disk to mitigate against potential further damage to the system.

The problem was resolved promptly at 8.50 am, it added.

When the KLSE opened for trading at 9 am, nine stockbroking companies and two information vendors were still affected by the problem.

The KLSE rectified the problem for the affected stockbroking companies and information vendors, all of whom were able to resume normal operations by 9.50, it added.

It said no further problems were reported to the KLSE after 9.50 am.

The KLSE continued to monitor the situation throughout the day and from its observation of volume orders and trading recorded, there was no perceptible impact on the market.--Bernama

-- (, June 22, 2000

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