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What have you flat out stopped caring about?

-- Kymm (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), June 22, 2000


Work. Quit my job 3 yrs ago, work at home doing medical transcription and just. don't. care.

-- Bev Sykes (basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us), June 22, 2000.

How I look at work. Why bother putting makeup on? I'm not trying to impress the white-trash masses at Kmart. After about my sophomore year, I stopped caring about what I looked like at school, too.

-- Katie (mrkite@apci.net), June 22, 2000.

Politics. The fifth grade bully incident. getting my husband to send his mother/father a card on Mother/Father's Day. Looking like a fool in my car practicing karaoke. The cost of fresh flowers if i need them. Wearing Pantyhose.

-- Tangolady (tango@stratos.net), June 22, 2000.

Living by social dictates of what can/should be done/said in a given situation; instead I try to live by a motto of "truth, sincerity and black leather engineer boots are always appropriate."

What childless people think of my parenting.

What my mother thinks of my hair. A good friend has a slogan taped up in her kitchen that reads "Nothing you ever do will ever satisfy your mother." Puts it all in perspective. I say that even as a parent and realizing moms in particular get a bad rap; I'm satisfied w/ almost everything about my kids so I hope they don't have to tape that up anywhere.

-- Tynan (ty@power-lines.com), June 22, 2000.

That people keep thinking I'm in high school or college, when I'm looking askance at age thirty. I look young, there's nothing I can do about it, and when I'm forty I'm sure I'll be thrilled to be carded.

-- Dorothy Rothschild (dorothyr@spies.com), June 22, 2000.

Hmm, interesting thought on parenting there, Tynan. I stopped caring about what the childed think about me being child-free (as opposed to childLESS). Also stopped caring about what people think about me being vegetarian. Funny though, is that these people STILL care about WHYYYY I'm not squirting out kids, or eating meat. Am I that fascinating???

Dont answer the above, it's purely rhetorical! :-)

-- jacqueline (admin@anv.com.au), June 22, 2000.

Shaving my legs. Wearing lipstick. Sleeping. The show that I'm in that closes Sunday thank heavens (Shakespeare for Ducks in the park) except that I still care VERY MUCH that I have to watch one particular horrible, horrible scene because we are all sitting in chairs in a circle around the current performers.

-- Katharine (radix@ican.net), June 22, 2000.

Cleaning. I'll do it, but when I'm not cleaning, if I see the kids have made a mess, I'll just walk on by. Most TV shows. The news. The antics of my governor (Jesse the Mind Ventura) aka news aka another TV show.

-- Colin (ethilrist@prodigy.net), June 23, 2000.

Work, my hair at work, my clothes at work.

What my mother thinks of anything I do.

Politics, but I've never much cared about politics.

-- Colleen (triggirl@yahoo.com), June 23, 2000.

What people think of the way I look. I put in the effort that I feel is appropriate and go along my merry way.

-- Liz (lizstricklen@yahoo.com), June 23, 2000.

I'm trying to stop caring about things I can't change, but it's a battle. The old steed still wants to tilt at windmills like a retired firehorse, running in his sleep.

-- Jack Saunders, The Daily Bugle (www.thedailybugle.com) (jacksaunders@mindspring.com), June 27, 2000.

The "Entertainment Business".As an actress I used to be really into reading about all the "behind the scenes" things - I had subscriptions to "Entertainment Weekly", "Premiere" etc, I watched all the little ET magazines shows then one day I just realized -"you people take yourselves FAR TOO SERIOUSLY, I mean really don't thay know that it is all just make-believe? Ever since that startling insight I can't watch any of that stuff, so what if I miss an "exclusive" interview, or "late-breaking news" about some movie set...incidently I feel exactly this way about sports too.

-- Michelle Matzeder/Wilde/Bruner (new-jerusalem@worldnet.att.net), July 01, 2000.

I've stopped caring about wearing makeup when i go to work or school for these reasons: -it only makes my skin worse than it already is -it wears off halfway thru the day -i don't feel better about myself when i put it on -its expensive if you want good products -if you get cheap makeup to save $ its really not worth getting it -i yawn so much during the day which makes my eyes water and smears my makeup -i never want to wash it off when i go to bed -i'm tired enough in the morning -i'm late enough in the morning

-- jessica h. (stpcrazy@cs.com), December 14, 2002.

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