WISCONSIN - DOT Glitch Misdirects Motorists

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WISCONSIN D.O.T: Glitch Misdirects Motorists

Story Filed: Thursday, June 22, 2000 7:38 AM EST

JUN 22, 2000, M2 Communications - A typo on the registration renewal notices sent by the state Department of Transportation to 54,000 motorists last week contains a wrong toll-free number to call to renew registrations by phone.

Instead of 1.800.236-RENU (236.7368), the renewal notice transposes the numbers and connects the caller with a talk line that charges international long distance rates.

DMV is already notifying the customers who received the notices of the right number to call, according to WisDOT DMV Administrator Roger Cross.

He said the error occurred in the 54,000 notices that were changed to indicate that the motorist would receive the new look license plates. The other 316,000 standard notices sent include the right toll-free renewal number.

Last month 27,000 motorists renewed their vehicle registration with a credit card either by calling the toll-free number, 1.800.236.7368, or by visiting the WisDOT Internet site at www.dot.state.wi.us/dmv/Regrenew.html


-- (Dee360Degree@aol.com), June 22, 2000

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