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When ever I start to burn a Vcd using Adaptec's Vcd Creator, I get a "System Clock error". I'm wondering what software do I need to use to so I can use to get past this, when ever I burn the video on to a cd and then play it in my Dvd player I get a picture but the sound is choppy. I'm wondering what software do I need to change the System Clock rate? I'm also wondering if there any way to change a Pal Video to Ntsc format. Thanks.

-- Stephen (, June 22, 2000


Nero 5 might be your salvation.

Why would you want to change a PAL video to NTSC?

If your playing on a computer who cares about the format and if your using a DVD player it will/should these days play either and do a conversion on the fly.

-- Ross McL (, June 22, 2000.

This is a common problem (especially if you are using the ATI video capture card to capture Mpeg-1) You can run the Mpeg-1 clip through some mpeg editors and they will fix that "mux-system timing" thing. I use IfilmEdit (from Cinax) It's very fast ... doesn't re-compile and will only take a few minutes to fully parse one hour of video. There's instructions on how to use IfilmEdit to fix the ATI captured Mpeg-1 so it will be accepted by EZCD on my web site. Check my web site out for information ..

The NERO burning software is more tolerant of variations in timing. And you can even "by-pass" it's warnings about timing problems and burn the CD anyway. The result "may" seem to work, but (as you've seen) burning a VCD that is far enough out of spec. can produce undesirable results in "some" playback devices. If you strive to get the timing correct (and EZCD accepts it) then it WILL play properly IF your DVD player is VCD capable AND can read consumer type CDR media.

-- Rich (, June 22, 2000.

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