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In a couple of weeks I'll have to go to Boston for a few days & wanted some advice on good restaurants (for clam chowder and such) if anyone is familiar with the area.

Thanks in advance from a very hungry,


-- Someone (, June 22, 2000


Legal Seafood. It is a chain, but you will get reasonably consistent quality. Go HUNGRY. I usually get the grilled swordfish, if they aren't being overfished, plus a whole bowl of the chowder (not a wussy cup). I pepper the living daylights out of the chowder. Great stuff. If the swordfish isn't available, they do good salmon and arctic char. I like their grilled scallops, but the portion is kinda skimpy. There is a Legal Seafood in the "C" terminal at Logan International, in addition to several others in the area. Avoid the one on Harvard Square; it's horribly busy.

You will also find excellent Italian cooking in the North End. Go into any of the mom-and-pop restaurants along Hanover Street. That whole zone just to the north of Logan International is full of great little Italian places, my favorite being Piccola Venezia. If you hit the Italian places, then go on Monday night, because they seem to be deserted then, and you'll get great service. Plan to spend a couple of hours lingering over your dinner.


-- Not a Bahstahn Resident (, June 22, 2000.

Locke-Ober's. 3 & 4 Winter Place. Finest historically correct white and red clam chowder known to man. Been around since 1875. Go to Frank. You won't be sorry!

-- Aunt Bee (, June 22, 2000.

There used to be many good Greek restaurants there. I don't know the current scene.

-- Lars (, June 22, 2000.

Don't forget the fine microbrew to go with the grub. Seek out Commomwealth Brewery, just a block or two from old Boston Garden. Drink in the basement bar or grab a table upstairs for some eats.

-- Bingo1 (, June 22, 2000.


Thx. I'm going to print this out to take with me on the trip.


-- Someone (, June 22, 2000.


Legals is good. I usually eat at the one in Cambridge. It is always crowded. Commonwealth is good. For real good seafood, I prefer the Northshore; up towards Gloucester [sorry don't remember the names; maybe someone else does]. Great seafood but the best aren't in places that I would frequent after dark.

Best wishes,,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, June 22, 2000.

In the financial district, behind the South End Post Office, on the water is a restaurant called "The No Name" or in Greek "The No Namee" or something like can't miss it. It's on a boat tied (of course..!) to a dock on the left side of the post office facing the water. You want clam chowder? Then this is the place to get it!!!

Have fun and don't forget to visit Fanueil Hall for some great people watching, then walk up the street to Eddie Bauer Outlet (Shirts for 5bucks!!! and Filenes Basement, up just a bit further (major deals!))

And of course you must visit the North End for all the Italian you could possibly want...yum, my favorite!!!

Newbury Street is totally cool if you like window shopping, which is all I can afford. The art galleries are excellent.

Now, how can you go to Boston without walking the entire length of the Common? You Can't! Bring a camera, you'll love it!

If you get as far as the prudential, there's some decent restaurants in there too--along with shopping!!!

Have fun, and don't worry, most Bostonians are pretty nice to visitors! (Just watch those Meter Maids...wink).

-- Not now, not like this (, June 23, 2000.

one more thought... go to It's a local area New England restaurant board with directions and all that. I'll try to do the link... here goes...

Email me if you need more info... "oh, oh, I love that dirty water..., Boston you're my home...!"

-- Not now, not like this (, June 23, 2000.

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