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Hello everyone!! We went to see the Titanic exhibit in Chicago last week at the Museum of Science and Industry and it was amazing!! To actually see some of the things that have lain underwater for some eigthy-odd years, to remember what has happened. I was truly amazed at the condition of some of the objects. There were some postcards that were found on board--besides some evident water damage around the edges, the pics were perfectly clear. It was hard to imagine how they survived all that time...

Perhaps it may sound silly, but one of the biggest 'thrills' was to actually touch a piece of the hull that they had on display. It seems strange, to touch a piece of history. There were also some wonderful personal stories of the passengers, some photos and such.

Has anyone else seen this exhibit??

(Sorry if my message is a bit disjointed--I'm a little tired and keep forgetting mid-sentence what I'm trying to say :D )



-- Nonnie (nonnie@switchboardmail.com), June 21, 2000


Response to Titanic in Chicago

I saw the exhibit in Memphis several years ago. While my wife was pretty much unimpressed and blew through the exhibit in 30 minutes, I spent about two hours looking at and reading everything. I thought it was a truely wonderful exhibit, and a sad one. My overwhelming feeling as I left was one of melancholy. Seeing everything on display made the sinking of the Titanic a more realistic occurence to me, and turned the casualty list into actual people rather than a group of numbers.

-- bobby (bfugitt@muw.edu), June 23, 2000.

Response to Titanic in Chicago

I saw the exhibit in Toronto, Canada. I agree I could have spent a couple of hours but the kids were happy with the express look. My only disappointment is that this version did not have any piece of the hull on display. Perhaps they left this portion out to concentrate a special section dealing with the Canadian role including Halifax and the role of Canadians in recovering and burying the bodies.

-- Brian D (bdamboise@sprint.ca), July 02, 2000.

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