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This was going to be scholarship but it's degenerated into catharsis as over the 18 months I watched a collective of fools, scholars and self-styled saviors throw common sense out the window all for our benefit. Y2K hysteria was rarely pretty and mostly farcical; bigger than it looked from the outside, but smaller than those inside fancied it was. It was a test of intelligence that the 'net failed with crashing colors and it's bugged me far too long; after this is done, I close the book on this ugly history and find something more productive to do with my ersatz life. I want to wring some sense out of this, then pick up the pieces and go on. The lesson from this pit of delusion is simple: don't trust what you read; don't trust what I write.

-- cpr (, June 21, 2000


Don't miss the


-- cpr (, June 21, 2000.

Don't miss the best of all



-- cpr (, June 21, 2000.

Nice work cpr. You scooped Andy Ray. Now maybe he will go away. NOT.

-- (, June 21, 2000.

extremists simply pasted "Y2K" on top of their premolded apocalypses. In the masks-off period after rollover, several of the more vocal apocalyptics kept their predictions, only citing different justifications.

Gawd -- isn't that the truth? Was easy to suckem in and they still are. Appreciate your work and bookmarked the site for future snippits.

-- (, June 22, 2000.

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