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We've all done it, or at least most of us have. Tell me about your moving stories, good and bad. What's the most horrible thing to have happened during a move? What was the greatest move you ever made? Where do you wish you still lived?

For me, when I was married I had a tendency to move around a lot. Like, every six months or so. I used to joke that I expected one day to find out that my ex-husband was a fugitive from justice. ;) The worst move we ever made was moving from Michigan down to Tennessee so he could go back to school. His dad flew up to help us. We had a moving truck and our car, towing the second car. It was a move destined for badness. Our car broke down, then it got a flat tire. Someone (with a capital S) didn't want us moving to Tennessee, obviously.

-- Lisa Nichols (, June 21, 2000


See, ironically I love to move, but I despise the process. I hate packing. Hate it hate it hate it. As evidenced by how little I've done so far. But then again, with Max home now, I've been a touch distracted. :)

-- Lisa (, June 25, 2000.

Well, I have a lot of old moving stories to share and in the next month or so, will have another, newer, yet to be seen version. After I finish painting. And refinishing a desk. And packing. Gads. I hate moving. Cleaning out the house in Ohio and moving down to NC was an experience that was joyful and sad. I was leaving my home of many years to come to a place I had only visited. People talked funny down here. They still talk funny, but I hear them differently, I guess. Or maybe I am starting to talk funny, also. We drove for 14 hours in a Ryder truck thru the mountains of West Virginnie, down thru the real Virginnie and into North Carolina. It was sleeting, dark and I had bad breath from smoking and drinking too much coffee. We all collapsed into bed, but I was only able to sleep a couple hours. I was still jittery and road weary, sad and happy and didn't really sleep for about a week after the move. It poured all day and I was not able to unload the truck. The next day, it was 50 degrees, blue dome sky and sunny. Since that move 2 years ago, I have done it twice more with another planned in a month or so. I think I mentioned that. But this time it is to a place of my own, with my name on the mortgage and my decision to paint the kitchen tomato red, if I choose. This brings the total moves in my life to 12, that I remember. I am certain that my parents moved two times before I was aware of what was going on. (Yes, I can babble...I think I have a point) Moving is the opportunity to clean out the mess and start fresh. I have high expectations for my organizational skills, until I actually get in the middle of a project. Over time, I have gotten better, tho. Moving is modifying your life, cutting back on the clutter and the chaos which has accumulated over the passage of time and yes, I do like that. Moving is sorting thru memories and refiling them. I hate to move. But I love the process that goes with it. Von

-- Von (, June 21, 2000.

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