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The Hour hath come.

Y2K People Finding People -

Many, many months ago
when people were concerned about
the New Year's roll-over computer bug-a-boo
I repeatedly told people that I did NOT feel
that it would be TEOTWAWKI.
That while serious problems at that time
were a low probability, still because of the possibility
I would make preparation -

AND that because of the concern that I had
about the vicinity of JULY 2000,
that I would welcome any assistance
and effort on the Ark.

The millenialist paradigm which I have worked in for years,
has called for:

        1. Intensive geopolitical stress
           particularly involving Russia and China,
           among others.
        2. A conflict to start in the vicinity of Israel
        3. A Great Catastrophe (in my mind nuclear world war)
        4. The calling of a universal conference of the ALL the world's leaders.
        5. The establishment of Global Governance,
           a World Government or what is called the New World Order.

All to occur by the END of this century.
(Which ends THIS year.)

Fifteen years ago I signed a document,
with a government body regarding the Ark,
saying that in 2002 I would agree to remove it,
because my expectations were for the end of the century.
So my expectations have been long standing.

A mere eighteen months ago,
as I started emphasizing the July vicinity date
(because of other paradigmatic considerations)
I was not aware of any actual call for the Millenium Conference.
It is equally astounding to me (although not unexpected)
that most of the following dozen items
have taken place in the last two weeks
(mostly this week) while I have been traveling
and unable to communicate to you.

1. The announcement in which Annan says
         the Millenium Conference of the UN
         September 5-10
        will be the largest gathering of leaders
        in the history of the world.

2. The announcement by Arrafat that
        Palestine will become a separate state
        on September 15th,
        and that it is non-negotiable
        about Jerusalem being its capital.

3. That Israel has said that it will go them one better.
        That it will be
        out of Lebanon by June 23rd.
        And that THEY will not even discuss Jerusalem
        which will stay with Israel.

4. That this week, Russia prevented the Security Council of the UN
        from declaring that Israel was out of Lebanon
        without making the caveat
        that there may have been violations.

5. That Russia is supplying to Saudi Arabia, advanced arms
        making it one of the leading military powers in the Near East.
        (I learned this week.)

6. That Israel has obtained from Germany 3 large submarines making it
        the third country in the world (along with Russia and the US)
        capable of launching nuclear missiles from submarines
        which makes the launch pads practically indestructible.

7. That the US has supplied Israel with an advanced LASER system
        that is supposedly for Missile Defense
        (against which it will be ineffective)
        but which can also permanently blind invading ground troops
        at a distance of ten miles.

8. That Lebanon (at the direction of Syria)
        has prevented the UN troops from taking up their positions

9. That the new King of Syria is an Alawite,
        (meaning a Shiite Twelver)
        which means that he is in a threatened minority
        having to hold onto power by making concessions
        to the extremists in his country.

10. That the throne in Saudi Arabia also changed hands this week
        with the previous holder retiring because of health.

11. That the current president of Israel
        is about to lose control of the government,
        (within 2 days)
        being forced by the resignation from his coalition
        of 4 extremist members who prefer to bring down the government
        and the Peace Talks
        rather than have their demands not met.

12. That the Burger King boycott is about to resume.
        (You may think this humorous, and it may well be,
         but you have to remember that it was a tired black maid
         refusing to give up her seat to a white woman
        in Montgomery, Alabama that set off the racial revolution
        in the U.S.).

In case you haven't been following the Burger Bit,
what is happening is this.
Burger King has a major franchise holder with 41 stores in Israel.
He opened another store in the contended Palestinian territories
saying that it was a part of his Israel Franchise.
The Moslems in the US boycotted Burger King.
Burger King signed an agreement to close the store.
The owner was told to take down the sign
but he didn't and continues to supply the store from his other stores.
A Jewish store in Palestine
claiming to be part of the Israel franchise.
If you don't see the humorousness or seriousness in this -
never mind.
Something silly, yes,
but there are hundreds of equally silly things over there
and it is this type of thing that has started wars in the past.
The world "could" be blown to bits over a burger.

13. MY FAVORITE and what I think is the most likely at the moment.
        The Iranian parliament has voted that no more students
        can be thrown out of the University windows by the Army.
        The students were thrown out a couple of years ago,
        during student demonstrations,
        and parliament voted
        that the army is to stay off the campuses.
        (They are a popularly elected secular parliament).
        The mullahs control an oversight council
        with the right to veto any law
        that they consider to be non-Islamic.
        It is anticipated that the mullahs will veto the law,
        and the students WILL then riot for sure
        (and perhaps a lot of the other populace).
        Possibly the parliament's intent,
        in order to take the power from the mullahs.

        To prevent this, the mullahs could get everyone fired up
        for a Jihad against Israel.
        There is supposed to be a secret agreement with Iraq
        that Iran can cross Iraq for that purpose.
        But the Syrians plan to get there first
        because they claim that Lebanon still belongs to them.
        Anyway, the one thing they all agree on is that
        "Israel must CEASE to exist".
All of the above has come to my attention
in just the last couple of weeks.
Most of it just this week and in the last two or three days
since I arrived in Canada and was able to sign back on the Internet.

Of course we don't get any of this from the main media.
There you will hear about the Tiger and his golf glory,
the gang bang (not even that) in Central Park,
the Cuban Kids first outing,
and the basketball blast in Los Angeles.
Maybe a fire here, a flood there, and an accident anywhere.
Even the found computer drives,
but as for what will really effect your life - NO!

If you mention any of this to your friends who follow the mass media,
you will either get a blank stare,
a bored look,
or the argument that you are a nut
because the "news" isn't telling them any of this,
so it must not be true,
or it is unimportant.

As I have said, what astounds me
is that all this could happen in a week.
And probably LOTS more behind closed doors
with all those VERY HIGH LEVEL diplomats
flitting back and forth as fast as the planes can carry them.

When we top all this off with the EXTENSIVE EXPENSIVE
arm expenditures being made as rapidly as they can
in the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan,
and many other places -
it is the BIG DRUM ROLL.

The extremists everywhere,
in Israel,
the Moslem Countries,
and many other places
are yelling that they need MORE, MORE, MORE arms.
And they are getting them.
Yes, most certainly, perhaps even MOST, in the US,
with all the crying you hear
from US ultra conservatives about not having enough.
Everytime a ship is decommissioned
or some system declared obsolete
they cry, cry, cry
but you never hear from them about ALL the new weapons,
the new aircraft carriers,
the new submarines
(that all the rest of the world's generals envy).

 China has been supplying Iran with missiles
        (Actually knew about this before this week,
        along with the fact that Israel has been supplying China
        with special radar equipped plane technology
        that it got from the US).
        EVERYONE is supplying EVERYONE.

It is just the MOMENTUM.
Have never seen the like.
Wouldn't have considered it possible.
Don't worry about secrets of new designs being stolen.
What will be used is already designed.
Most of it is already built and deployed.
Next comes the launch.

Meeting the Inquisition tomorrow.
That day's battle will undoubtedly go to
the Raiders of the Canadian Ark.
Some battles are meant to be lost.
It is the war that must be won.
We must keep the faith.
When one is walking on the water
and is halfway to the boat
every step has been a miracle.
But every one of the remaining steps must be a miracle also.
All things are possible to God.

Peace and love,

-- cpr (, June 21, 2000


CPR = Cerebral Palsy Retarded........

-- CPR (, June 21, 2000.

My own take on this is that we have really been dealing with "2 bugs": one
in certain date-sensitive classes of software, and the other in certain
"mental software" that spreads in society. My own specialty is in the
latter, though I do have enough programming experience and embedded systems
experience to comprehend the possible failures that needed to be
investigated and/or fixed and tested.

An article advancing this "2 bugs" theory was published in November at
<> and in _The Skeptical
Inquirer_. It is called "The Millennium Thought Contagion: Is Your Mental
Software Year 2000 Compliant?" An earlier version is at The latter URL also contains some
post-rollover commentary. One of the comments is that for some systems,
reducing risk of major failure from one in a thousand to one in a million
can still be worth spending large sums of money. For instance, it is
certainly worth spending billions of dollars to lower the risk of a
strategic weapons mishap by several orders of magnitude even when starting
at 0.1%. But if even hundreds of vital military and civilian systems in
many developed countries have just a 0.1% risk of earthshaking failure, you
can still end up with less than 50% chance of real catastrophies happenning
anywhere. The odds become still lower when vast quantities of software have
been worked on and copied over a period of years.

The view that it was "definitely too late" to stop the collapse of society,
which gained wide transmission about 1 to 2 years ago was, however, an
infectious failure in mental software. Various other specific beliefs
mentioned in the article were also unjustified thought
contagions. I am happy that de Jager and many, many others took steps to
counter these beliefs during 1999, leading to a widespread normalizing of
expectations that was documented in several polls since late 1998. At the
very least, this helped prevent an exodus of programmers and other crucial
personnel in late December. The normalizing of expectations may also have
headed off some serious incidents involving doomsday movements.

--Aaron Lynch

-- cpr (, June 21, 2000.


-- al-d. (, June 21, 2000.

Bruce Willis will save us.

-- (, June 21, 2000.

I'd rather be saved by Demi Moore.

-- cpr (, June 21, 2000.

No one in his right mind would even save you for the paper drive.

-- LMAO (LMAO@LMAO.LMAO), June 22, 2000.

That Beach guy needs the Biggest Clown Around award. Piece of Work? Who left the door to his cage open??????? LOL.....

Thanks Bruce!!!!!! Thanks alot!!!!!!!Thank YooUUU!!! geesh what a nutcase..Burger King? he even topped his secondary coocoo clock baloney citing that one. And some listened to this person? WOW now that is scary.

-- Beach Ball (, June 22, 2000.

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