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How may I get scale drawings of locomotives, cabooses, boxcars etc. that were built for Southern Railway. The drawings can be blueprints or CAD files.

-- Leon Pruitt (, June 21, 2000


Leon--these are all available from the Southern Railway Historical Association archives alhtough it may take a while to get all you want. Right now the collection is split among several places and the archivist is pretty busy in his daytime job with NS. FOr rolling stock the SRHA has a 3 volume book showing diagrams of the equipment and giving prototype information such as number series, year built etc. I find it very useful and it has the diagram number which you need in order to request the diagram you want. They are in the process of producing a 5 volume set of stencil diagrams for all equipment including locos, passenger cars, and rolling stock. There is a diesel data book that has diagrams of them as well as prototype information. The existing books are available form the SRHA "Grab" (company store) and are usually advertised in Ties magazine and can be purchased at many of the railroadianna and train shows throughout the SE. If you are not an SRHA member you should consider joining so you can find out about all this information in the archives.

-- Larry Puckett (, June 22, 2000.

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