Ok, I have a SERIOUS problem here! The last three monsters I have been training have all died before 3 years old!!! One was a worm(Tryin' to get a beaclon), and a Gali, and a Henger! The Gali was B rank, and the other two were C rank. They were all pretty strong. I don't really like worms, but Beaclon sounded cool. PLEESE HELP ME!

(Note: There was one thing that bothered me about them: They all became skinny before they died!)

-- MegaMalletMan (, June 21, 2000


This is a method that I copy/pasted from the Monster Rancher Metropolis. I did not write this method or any part of it; all credit is due to Eagle Fierce. Hope this helps!

So you're a beginner, and don't know how to get your monster to live longer! Don't sweat it! The game just takes some time to get used to. To increase your monsters lifespan, you should follow the twelve steps to the Eagle's Lifespan Increasing Method.

NOTE: This method is a culmination of every trainers secret to lifespan, including mine.

1.) Feed it milk for the first 6 months of its life.

2.) Feed your monster "Nuts oil" every time that it "seems well."

3.) Give your monster "Mint Leaf" the turn before it gets "stressed out."

4.) NEVER send your monster on errantries until it is about two years of age.

5.) Don't fight your monster every time there is a tournament! Every tourney reduces the lifespan by two weeks.

6.) Spend the first two years of your monsters life focusing on what it gets the highest stat increases on.

7.) NEVER use drugs such as Nageel, Troron, Paradoxine, Kaseitan, Manseitan, Teromeann, Larox, etc.

8.) NEVER let your monster be KO'ed or injured in battle.

9.) For an extra week of life, feed your monster a "Magic Bananna."

NOTE: In order for the monster to gain this lifespan, loyalty must decrease by 10.

10.) To extend lifespan, use peaches (Silver and Golden).

11.) NEVER send your monster on constant errantry. Once every three months (after the age of two) is sufficient.

12.) Feed it what it likes, and keep an even raising style.

Use these tips, and I GUARANTEE you that your monster will live longer! Happy Ranching!

(PS): Because everbody was creating training methods, I thought that I'd illustrate the many of ways to increase lifespan. I hope that noone is bothered by this.

(All Credit Due To: Eagle Fierce)

-- ElfinFyre (, June 21, 2000.


-- MegaMalletMan (, June 22, 2000.

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