lender is asking for for explanation of DPA request - can they do this?

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I was repo'd in Sept 1995 and the property sold in Dec 1996. The first contact from the Nationwide was in November 1999 asking for #28729.95 (the property was purchased for #26,000 and sold for #10,000!)as the total debt was apparantly #37411.15 less the profit from the sale of the property. Incidently the selling agent charged 8% plus vat! I requested a breakdown etc and served DPA. The lender has now written to me saying that they hare happy to supply a 'full breakdown' but before they do they require me to 'confirm the reasons you request this and to what benefit it will serve'. I have written back basically requesting the same info again and stating that the reasons seem fairly self explanatory. Am i correct in assuming that I have the right to request the info regardless of any reason? I don't know if it makes a difference but I was banking with them at the time of the sale but never rec'd a notification of sale etc....

-- (Linda.Northampton@cwc.com), June 20, 2000


What Rubbish-if the time period is a you state-ie from 1996-1999 and you were also banking with them-why did they not let you know

With regard to the Estate Agents Fee,s at 8% plus Vat yes thats all to common Never mind why or reason you want a Breakdown it was after all your PROPERTY YOUR EQUITY IN THE PROPERTY AND for what ever reason you were repossessed you want your figures

Lets look at this another way if you were Customs & Excise ,Inland Revenue ,do you think they would accept or want a reason for your accounts if they had good reason to request-I think not and The same applies to other Goverment Agency-When These Debt Collectors write to you for figures would they accept this answer-I think not Write to them again but this time put in a formal complaint to the Data protection Office also arrange appointment with a Solicitor-put the Ball in there Court

Good Luck

Charles Twford

P.s also dont forget the Vat on the Estate agents fee,s would have to be declared to customs and Excise!!!!!

-- charles twford (charles.twford@lineone.net), June 20, 2000.

Sounds to me like they're worried about something...... Good luck - and what's happening? all best, E.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), July 13, 2000.

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