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Crude oil closes over $33

-- Cave Man (, June 20, 2000


CPR must be bidding it up so his short positions will be worth more. As we all know, CPR is a world authority on Energy prices!


-- Dolts (Post@thingsThey.dontUnderstand), June 20, 2000.

Lets see, Andy use to tell us that Gold was going "Through the Roof" and CPR Keeps telling Us "Energy Will Be Cheep".... Seems nobody can get it right....

-- Fools (, June 20, 2000.

It is all in the name, Crude Prices Rise (CPR?)

-- Loser (sell@texas.bomb), June 20, 2000.

With each passing day it appears that Brian Fleay's analysis most accurately describes what is going on in the crude oil market.

-- Cave Man (, June 20, 2000.

Keep buying.

The more you brag and the more you shoot your mouths off, the more it becomes clear that this is another TOP area of the oil futures market.

If the public (you) knew squat about investing, they would all be rich.

OPEC will laugh last as they have since 1973.

-- cpr (, June 20, 2000.

That's right, CPR. You know more than the rest of us. It's all a conspiracy against you. If we just wait long enough, we'll see you were right. In fact, you're already right. Oil prices have crashed! We just don't know it because the conspiracy is hiding it from us. Or maybe it's the meme. Yeah, that's the ticket! It's the meme!

-- Sergeant Friday (just.the@facts.maam), June 20, 2000.

I bet Creeper was telling people to short RMBS too.

-- LMAO (LMAO@LMAO.LMAO), June 20, 2000.

I wrote the Market would go down in Feb and March. The market went DOWN from its highs and lingered until May.

I repeat. This is a TOP AREA. Buy at your own peril. OPEC will "pump and dump" you all.



-- cpr (, June 20, 2000.

CPR, you are so Lame!

-- I Bet (You@Think.ThisIsAboutYou), June 20, 2000.



-- (what@loudmouth.fool), June 20, 2000.

As usual, CPR hasn't even read what he cites as support for his position:

Its possible that we may see a market pullback here. if so, the pullback might turn out to be a good buying opportunity.

The long term trend, based on a 45 bar moving average, is UP.

This must also be the work of the great conspiracy. Right, CPR?

-- Sergeant Friday (just.the@facts.maam), June 20, 2000.

I forgot one:

The long term trend is UP. The short term trend is down. SlowK is starting to show the market is oversold. A bottom may not be far off.

Those conspirators are pretty tricky, all right!

-- Sergeant Friday (just.the@facts.maam), June 20, 2000.

Right on Cave Man.. Brian Fleay's article is not alone on the 'sunset at the horizon' hit list of papers out there.

Short texas real estate and long energy.

-- Will (, June 21, 2000.

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