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Those of us who reside in Austin are being honored by the visit of the president..for two Demo Senate fundraisers..traffic gridlock..endless spew from local news,like its an 'event' does your area react to such an honor?

-- george (, June 19, 2000


We generally have to "spray" after he or Algore pass through. For some reason, little attention is paid to such types.

But then we sent the last 3 liberals in Dallas to Austin because they were so lonely here.

They seem to be thriving there with Molly I and the new California Tree Huggers you took in thinking it was "good for business".

-- cpr (, June 19, 2000.

When George Bush Sr. came to town during his presidential re-election campaign, his Secret Service entourage shut down I-26 for half a day at the height of rush hour.

Your point?

-- ? (@ .), June 19, 2000.

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