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I need to find pictures of sculptures in downtown seattle and information on the artists and who did what are the names of the sculptures and art

-- Teresa Maureen Minalia (, June 19, 2000


why did you need to know? Even though it is 3 years later. Just curious

-- chad verginia (, February 21, 2003.

(four years later)Have you tried walking around Seattle?? I think the sculptures have the Artist's names somewhere around the base. Some tourist books have that kind of info too. The internet might be helpful. Now if you want an actual example of some of the sculptures, i think there's a concrete statue of a troll crammed underneath a Freeway overpass somewhere, except i've never actually SEEN it. And there's that statue of a big bronze guy with an abstract hammer thing in front of the Art museum i think. And then we have a statue of john lenon.. I think it was contributed to us by Russia... i haven't seen that either, i just know we have it. Have fun!

-- Alicia Bramble (, May 25, 2004.

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