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Hey Jackie, happy birthday! (even if a bit late)

Just to get a birthday related question into the forum, what 'year' do you think has been your best one in your life so far? Of course when I say year, I am refering to the age as opposed to the calender year (age 27 instead of 2000)

Just to quickly answer my own question..

The best 'year' of my life so far has been when I was 16.. first 'true (re:serious relationship) love', last year of high school (and it ended up being the best one I had academically), four different trips to California, Denver, Calgary and Vancouver where I learned quite a bit about myself and who I was, the high school football team I was on won a provincial championship, drivers licence aquired (took four tries.. but I got it..), gained four friends who have stuck with me since..

I would hope I can expect even better (maybe..) but so far being 16 was pretty damn good!

How 'bout anyone else?

-- Arthur (, June 19, 2000


Good question. And a tough one.

27. This last year.

If I could, I'd qualify it to the last six months of being 27.

I'm at a point in my life right now where I'm not responsible to anyone but myself. Any stress or turmoil in my life is brought upon by me and me alone. So, while it's still most certainly there, it's a nice change to not want to blame it on anyone but me.

I'm back in theatre and in school. I'm following my passions.

I've never been happier with who I am and who I'm becoming.

I have mighty high hopes for 28, though.

Ask me again next year.

-- Jackie (, June 19, 2000.

You know, I am so glad to hear you say that 27 was the best year of your life, Jackie. After hearing my aunts talk about the best years of their lives and how much they appreciated being young (as in teenager young), I was really beginning to feel like the best years of my life have slipped me by, but now I know I have a few more to look forward to.

I'm not sure that there has been a best year so far. And I'm not sure that I can really define best. For example, my senior year in high school was terrific. Many of my fondest memories come from that time. I had a lot of fun. But if we're talking about growth, then I'd say it would be this year, being 24. I've made some MAJOR decisions about my life and where my heart lies and what I want to do with myself. I guess it would be a toss up there, but there are many more years that I find significant and I hope to have many more to come.

-- Michelle (, June 19, 2000.

That is really a hard question. I've been fortunate to have some great years (Not so great ones too, but who's counting?) in my relatively short time on the planet (24 years). I'll go with my gut reaction to the question though, and say 20. That's the year that I met Matt, married Matt, and moved to Alaska from Tennessee. I grew a lot emotionally that year, and I made some wonderful memories with the man I love. Plus, I found another place to call home. Yeah, that was a great year, but I think I have plenty of years ahead of me to have an even better one, though I can't imagine how they could be right now. I guess I'll just be surprised.

-- Brandy (, June 21, 2000.

The year that I am living in, will always be the best year of my life. What's gone is gone. Whatever is behind me - is behind me. I need to live in the moment of today. Live life to the fullest - today. I'm 48 years old - and each year keeps getting better.

-- Planet Earth (, July 01, 2000.

The best year of my life was two years ago, when I was 23. High school years were profound misery for me, and in the last year I've sunk back towards the depression I've battled most of my life. So, that year was the best because it was the most free from depression - a year when I was actually able to walk down the street and simply feel *happy*.


-- Christine (, July 12, 2000.

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