Father's day survey, If you have been economically sodomized and have your human dignity and civil rights trampled by the D.A.'s around this country, tell your story here

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If you have been victimized by the jackbooted thugs who are masqarading doing business as D.A's and Judges, who are ripping dad's lives apart all across this country, air your grievances. Other's need to know that they are not the only one's. Ill start with my story first. I recently got my driver's license suspended and garnishment of my disability income not only for the original support order but a hefty increase as well, all done without a lawfull court trial, in clear violation of my consititutional rights. Even though I am in the arrears with payments, I have made every effort in good faith to provide finaical subsitance for my kid and be the best dad I could be even through tuff times layoffs, going Homelessness 3 times and suffering from a multi- year bout with a life threatening illness that prevented me from working for several years.

I tried twice last year to go and work out fair arrangements only to be met with abuse. a deaf ear and unwillingness of the family support officers to work out a fair deal to settle up past stuff.

Instead they suspended my licence so I cant drive, so it limits my employability options, then they steal my disability Income that is suppose to be used to help me until I can return to work.

When you go thru medical challenges such as I have been through you realize that No organization should be allowed to get away with what the D.A.'s are doing to me and all dad's.

Dad's and Mom's for Jesus for a fair and just child support system

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation . com), June 18, 2000



No sympathy for you here, sir.

They are not doing it to "all the dads". They are doing it to you.

That suggests that if you got off the Internet and your ass and held down two jobs to support your children; they might not bother you either. HYPOCRITE.

-- Mystery Guest (Mystery-Guest@sign-in-please.com), June 18, 2000.

Kids cost money, plain and simple. So who IS supposed to be financially supporting your child, if not poor little ol you?

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), June 18, 2000.

P.S. The financial part of parenting is the easy part.

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), June 18, 2000.

Other's need to know that they are not the only one's.

The mechanical errors in this sentence tell me all that I need to know about this poster's educational backgroud. He is obviously one of the eight grade drop-outs who should have been rounded up during the last set of UFO sightings as food for the Greys.

-- (bigmouth@nowhere.now), June 18, 2000.

Even though I am in the arrears with payments,

So the rest of us should pay for your failure and feel sorry for you. I think not. If you wanted to increase the population, paying for it is your responsibility. Bringing Jesus into this doesn't help with me.

Best wishes,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (Z1X4Y7@aol.com), June 18, 2000.


Perhaps you meant to type educational "background, and "eighth grade"? FWIW, I've never noticed a correlation between education and the fortitude to meet one's child support obligations. Do you have some data to back that up?

-- (I'm a@little.teapot), June 18, 2000.

y2k aware mike, pay no heed to those above this thread, who have never been there. It wasn't part of their Lifes' Book. You seem to be stuck, but my gentle suggestion is, there is a possibility with your profound awareness, that you might persevere out to look on the internet for any and all kind and kindred Attorneys (Gasp!) who might give you some pointers. I have passed a few, along the journey, as well as a few M.D.'s As well as I passed the Farmer who told me things, I did not know. The Internet is an expressway, for honest exchange of information. Sift the Chaff, and my experience has been, I met a lot of decent, honest folks. If they weren't honest, may their font come back to haunt them, and may the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Their Nose. (That would Hurt!!!!).

-- My Story (andi@stickingtoit.com), June 18, 2000.

Don't know about y2k aware mike's situation, but I have known both men and women who have abused and been abused by the child support system. Women are NOT beyond grabbing every penny possible for child support when they really dont need THAT much, simply because they can get it, or in one case because it was her way of hurting the man after he had left her for another woman. I've seen a man who went practically penniless while the exwife happily showed off to me her latest piece of Gold jewelry or Designer Shoes. She received $350 a week in child support for her two kids. It really irked me.

I've also known men who were dead beats, looked for any way possible not to pay, and ignored continued court threats, until they ended up in jail, and then still complained. They just hated the thought of paying ANY form of money to the ex, despite the fact that it was to go towards the children. It hurts the children and the women.

In my own case, I honestly took the time to figure out what I really needed for my children, and asked only for that amount. I could have asked for more, but I didn't need it. I wanted to be fair. I made every attempt to be fair. It allowed for a good relationship to continue between myself and the father, and the father and children, and he often buys them clothing and items they ask for, simply because he wants to.

Every case is different, not all motives are honest, or judgements fair. The courts use mediators now to try and work out amiable solutions before having to go before a judge. If Ex's could put aside their differences when it comes to child support, and really work at what is fair and correct, it makes the entire future relationship much nicer for all involved.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), June 18, 2000.

My ex was unemployed, out of state, and unable to come to the divorce hearing. My lawyer asked for far more child support than he could ever pay. The judge granted it. I told my ex that he didn't have to pay anything, just leave us alone. He got a job and went without in order to pay the child support. He offered even more. One time I was sick and he offered to pay for the doctor when he was visiting the baby. I saw his balding tires and asked him to buy tires instead of paying child support that month before those blew out and got him killed. That was the conversation that helped us turn a corner. We remarried and have lived happily ever after.

The system was definitely against him, BTW.

-- name (address@address.address), June 18, 2000.

Like (almost) every other man in the state of California I paid child support for years,long after my children were grown.I thought I had paid all I owed.But if your ex ever applied for Aid to dependent children from a welfare office,then you are required to pay to the county back all monies that were given to her.Plus,and this is where it gets good,TEN Percent interest.Which goes not to her,but the county.It's a money making machine.My final payment was 1,260,of that amont she recieved 129.00. And a few years ago Stanilous County instituted a new policy that No one could be recieving welfare for over Two years.A reasonable person would assume that if thousands of people were being kicked off the rolls then The Dept.Of Welfare would not need as many case workers.WRONG They shortly thereafter 19 more employees were hired.Hogs at the trough.Thats the way it goes,first your money,then your clothes.And by the way Mystery Guest,you are an Idiot.

-- Dan Newsome (BOONSTAR1@webtv.net), June 18, 2000.

On Father's Day weekend, Clinton pushes to help low-income men pay child support

June 17, 2000 Web posted at: 9:02 AM EDT (1302 GMT)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Calling fatherhood a great blessing and responsibility, President Clinton used his weekly radio address Saturday to note the importance of fathers in young people's lives and to push for more money to help low-income men pay child support.

"Research now confirms that involvement of both parents in a child's education makes a positive difference; and that father involvement during infancy and early childhood also contributes to a child's emotional security and enhances problem-solving in math and verbal skills," he said.

Clinton said one study showed the chances of a child getting mostly A's in school increased by more than 40 percent in two-parent families in which the father was highly involved.

He released a report from the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services that offers educators and early-childhood providers information, strategies and tools to successfully involve fathers in their children's learning.

The program encourages fathers to read with their kids at home and invites them to volunteer in schools and child care centers.

Speaking a day before Father's Day, Clinton said his administration's efforts to get more fathers to pay child support was showing good results, but that Congress needed to do more to help men support their families, even if the fathers don't live in the same house with their children.

"Child-support collections increased 10 percent during the past year, reaching a record of nearly $16 billion. That's double what it was in 1992," Clinton said.

"This means fewer women on welfare, fewer children in poverty, more families living in dignity."

Still, the president said more needs to be done.

"It's why we propose building on our progress with a $255 million responsible-fatherhood initiative called Fathers Work, Families Win," Clinton said.

"The fact is, many fathers can't provide financial and emotional support to their children, not because they're deadbeat, but because they're dead broke."

Clinton said the program would help at least 40,000 more low-income fathers work and support their children, but the effort was blocked in the House of Representatives this week.

"Congress turned its back on this challenge by not including any money for this important initiative. So I ask Congress to work with me across party lines to pass a budget that makes sure more fathers can live up to their responsibility," Clinton said.

The president also directed government departments to develop coordinated, interagency guidance to help states and communities identify and use available federal resources and opportunities for promoting responsible fatherhood.

-- (greedy.republicans@will.shoot.it.down), June 18, 2000.

It's only by the grace of God that any of you are healthy and are able to go to work and earn a living,

You wicked hearted people who bash me you should be ashamed. I worked hard to make sure my kid did not do with out, when my medical challenge struck I did all I could to keep up my support up despite fighting for my health and for my life.

Health challenges are the tornado in life that takes time to recover from. The system is not about fairness but about power. They pick on people when they are devasated and not able to fight back. If it happened to you, you wouldnt be so quick to offer your smart-a comments.

Our society is very broken and needs to be fixed. Our consititution is in shreads because of people with attitudes like you who dont respect consitituional unalienable rights and go along with the public mob mentality.

where's the fairness to take more money by force ,then take away a driver's licence and the ability to get other licences so it makes it impossible to go back to work . Real moral real fair. You can bet I protest it.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ consertvation . com), June 18, 2000.

Yk aware, Not knowing you, or the the situation firsthand, I certainly can't add much here. But I can easily see this much - if they took your drivers license away for late payments of child support, then indeed what we have here is another example of government stupidity of the highest order.

-- FactFinder (FactFinder@bzn.com), June 18, 2000.

Mike-If you want us to believe your story, then you are going to have to allow us to search the public record. All we have is your version. I fin dit hard to believe one would be treated this way if there were true hardship. There are legal aid folk who will even work pro bono if you have a solid case of having your legal rights denied.

How do we know your medical hardship is true? It defies logic that if the real bottom line here is that the child gets money, that all your access to it have been shut off.

Publish your real name and let us get the facts. Without that, I have to assume you are a troll or that you are deluded as to what the truth is. Please get honest.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), June 18, 2000.


A sad case indeed, but if this wasn't some kind of troll, he/she/it would have provided a real name. Sorry, but after years of this stuff, you become cynical; or some such thing.

Best wishes,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (Z1X4Y7@aol.com), June 18, 2000.

Z -- have YOU ever posted your real name?? That's a bit unfair to ask him to do that on a public forum.

-- name (address@address.address), June 18, 2000.

yah Z, CMO,N DUDE-FESS UP what,s your real name. is it zorro??? hey i thought only debt-collectors used aliasses. Z mispelled on my thread oo oo oo. just joshin Z , YOUR A GOOD KID. best wishes al-the-D.

-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), June 18, 2000.

The Recovery Service hauled me into Court a few years ago. I have studied the Bill of Rights in debt and noticed the Judge was violating my rights and I told the Judge so. The Judge said....shut up and sit down.

I told the Judge that I was leaving and that I was not going to allow him to violate my Constitutional Rights and I walked out of the Court House. Never heard from them again!!!!

-- bobbo (bobbo@aol.com), June 19, 2000.

I've had the misfortune of paying child support for years. First it was all those clothes and food, next high school and then the little rat wanted to go to college. A B.S. wasn't enough, he wanted an M.S, in engineering so more money out the window. The wife always needed money for something also.

Big difference is that I've been married for 33 years. Paying support for your family is a continuing obligation regardless of your present marital status. I'm sorry if you've had health and job problems but so have many others and they still found a way to support their families. Lose some of your hostility and face up to your obligations and things might start going better for you.

-- Jim Cooke (JJCooke@yahoo.com), June 19, 2000.


just wait till next time a cop pulls you over. they'll throw you in the slammer because you've got a warrant for your arrest.

-- bad boys, bad boys (whacha.gonna.do@whacha gonna.do.when.they.come.for.u), June 19, 2000.

What Mike says is true. I have been paying support and thankfully I am current because they will and do take your drivers lic. if you are late. I was in court last wed. for a reduction hearing because one of my sons has been 19 for two months. (Do the math) I had to apply for reduction and be interrogated by the judge to get it reduced. So, as usual, the criticism you'll read here comes from assholes who have no clue as to what the experience is.

The guy before me had had his license taken by the "case worker" and had to pay an additional $50 to see the judge, and ask for it back.

I've been been threatened more than once to have my license taken and be held in contempt for being ONE payment in arrears.

Granted, that we need some kind of support enforcement, but when measures compound the problem, that's not justice.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), June 19, 2000.

Here in Washington State they will take away an absent parents drivers licence for non payment of child support. It was meant to be used as an insentive to employed non custodial parents to pay. Unfortunatly due to the length of time and difficulty in getting a hearing to have the amount revised due to change of circumstances, those who cannot pay or cannot afford to pay the court ordered amount due to layoff, disabilities, loss of job, change to a lower paying job etc, are being harmed by having their licences revoked. This compiles hardship on top of hardship, making it difficult to catch up and havinf a good portion of their paychech taken when they do return to work. In an area where there are periodic large layoff, caused by Boeing's fluctuations in orders, job loss and layoffs from Boeing and other industries effected by Boeing, this is a big problem. Often due to no fault of their own, many non-custodial parents end up in between a rock and a hard place.

There should be something set in place to take changes into consideration, perhaps a two month grace period in which they would have time to get another job and/or have the amount of the child support payment adjusted. It is horribly unfair for an honest non custodial parent to get "kicked while they are down" they way the system is set up now.

-- Cherri (sams@brigadoon.com), June 19, 2000.


Your points are well taken. There are the few who have legitimate hardships. The many, however, for whom these punitive actions were set up, are deadbeats. You are right that more flexibility would be a good idea.

My problem with Mike is the additional information about having disability taken away, also. I asked for public information because his story seems to have holes through it. It would be intellectually dishonest to make a judgement based on one side of the story.

It would be interesting to hear his ex-wife's version of the stroy.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), June 19, 2000.

FS, this is just more Internet bullshit that should be taken with a grain of salt. Nobody knows this idiot so who can verify the truthfulness of his words. More importantly, who cares? I remember this doomer fool from the old TB2000 forum and why am I not surprised that he is a deadbeat Dad. He still calls himself Y2K Aware Dave questions anyone? Hey Dave, how much of your kids support money did you spend on preps?

I would like to comment on one aspect of this story of Daves, that I have seen first hand. I had a fellow working for me that was living in a flophouse in Downtown LA and taking a bus to work here in Orange County. A very smart guy was he and after a month or so I offered to subsidize the purchase of a car. It was then that I learned his DL had been taken away over 6 years earlier due to not paying his child support payments. Initially I was outraged at the stupidity of this action as it rendered the person incapable of ever generating any significant income, thus assuring there would be no catching-up on back payments. Other than the lottery, this guy was doomed to a life of scraping by. Im sure that others like him, with fewer talents to offer an employer, have joined the ranks of the homeless in our society.

My anger over his situation was diminished when I discovered that the revoking of his license was the last step taken by the court after many years of attempting to bring him in line with his obligations. If you knew how many of your hard earned tax dollars are spent to subsidize the families of dead beat dads, you wouldnt be so quick to feel sorry for people like Y2K Arrears Mike.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), June 19, 2000.

Mike, not Dave. Come on coffee, kick-in.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), June 19, 2000.

I understand your skeptisims FactFinder. But I'll just assume for the sake of the argument here that Mike is being honest and truthful with his own case.

It does indeed defy logic that his driver's license be taken away as punishment, compounding the problem. But the court system isn't based on logic, it's based on laws, rules and regulations.

Logic in case of child support tells me that fathers still married to their child's mother aren't forced by law to always bring home the same amount of money in their paychecks, and will not have their licenses suspended if they lose their jobs for whatever reason. The family will be forced to tighten their belts, and do without luxuries or even some basics, until things settle for the father. Divorced, non-custodial fathers don't have this "freedom".

These kind of measures to force genuine dishonest deadbeat fathers to pay child support appear too inflexible; doing as much harm to honest fathers (and their children) as they're supposed to help the mothers and children.

It appears to me a vicious catch 22 that Mike is in. He needs good legal councelling, but without money, how is he supposed to get it?

If Mike is physically disabled, how is he supposed to fight this unfair punishment and help change it?

-- (y@x.x), June 19, 2000.

Futureshock, not FactFinder...more coffee!!

-- (y@x.x), June 19, 2000.

Here's my 2 cents FWIW, here in Ohio they only take a license as VERY LAST RESORT....I am not here to judge Mike, only offer up my knowledge and personal experience. Mike, you COULD have agreed to make payments, even small ones (if I am wrong, please correct me), to catch up, had a decrease hearing/ie hardship, and done so yourself.

You use the net, so many ideas could be found to do it yourself, no?

A lil off topic, but here goes, my oldest son's dad only pd $25 per week for years, till I took him for an increase. Here in Ohio they go guideline to guideline, my income vs. his income. So, with that being done, the increase rose to approximately 67.50 per week, as his dad had gotten a real good job, married, and adopted the womans daughter. I was Never married to him, he tried to deny paternity as well but in the end he admitted it.

At the 'increase' hearing, he physically CRIED tears because he could not afford that amount, so I being STUPID agreed to lesser amount of $45.00 per week.

When my son graduated, he snuck behind my back (SOB) and went to my sons school, got copy of grad cert and went directly to child support bureau and had support stopped immediately, although he still owed my a few weeks. Ohio is INFAMOUS for having screwed up records, so they told me he did NOT owe me anything. Now, most will think, oh well so what? He paid, didnt he? YES he did, however, IF I had to do it over, I would have ACCEPTED the FULL amount OWED to my son.

If I could, I would be an advocate to tell women to NEVER except less than what is due according to the guidelines. This man NEVER participated in my sons life, couldnt wait till the support was over. He felt the 25/45 per week was Fatherhood. Sad.

Now KARMA, he had a wife, adopted her daughter, had 2 more children, now wife is gone, took kids and he is Paying her BIGTIME.

Sorry if I appear a lil angry, but I still am. I resent the fact some men think $$$ are all they need to give and then bitch when they have to pay for it. There are many stories I am sure, but come on. And most men think that WE should give account for every $$$$ they give to support our kids? Wuz up with that? Try to feed, house, clothe and entertain a child on 25.00 per week....I could go into the lowlifes who are self employed, like my ex hubby who got in court, always lied on his taxes and only pd 25.00 per week for his child, but I wont bore anyone.

So it goes. There is MORE to Mikes story of that I am sure. I am not honestly trying to judge him, it just doesnt seem right to me, as I have seen WAY to much regarding issues of Child Support w/different states.


-- consumer (shh@aol.com), June 19, 2000.

Y, you said,

Logic in case of child support tells me that fathers still married to their child's mother aren't forced by law to always bring home the same amount of money in their paychecks, and will not have their licenses suspended if they lose their jobs for whatever reason. The family will be forced to tighten their belts, and do without luxuries or even some basics, until things settle for the father. Divorced, non-custodial fathers don't have this "freedom".

The two situations aren't identical! In the case of a normal family, one *assumes* that the father is trying to do his best for his children, and so there is no requirement that they bring home the same amount each week. In the case of a "father" who *leaves* their children, the courts are assuming (IMHO, though not a lawyer ((other than bar room :-) )) myself) that the man may no longer have the children's best intrests at heart, and so are trying to act in their best interests *in place* of the father who no longer is. In making these generalizations, I don't see how you can compare the situations of fathers who are with their families, and those who don't.

Are there some people who unfairly get squeezed by the system? Yes, as in *any* system. Should men be held responsible for the children they produce (at LEAST financially)? Yes.


-- Someone (ChimingIn@twocents.cam), June 19, 2000.

I pay the ex $1015.00 a month for child support (2 kids). Wish I could afford more. Never been late. I will say 'they' never asked how much I made a month or what my monthly obligations were. Very tough to make ends meet the first 6 months.

2 more years and it gets cut in half.......YAY!!!


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), June 19, 2000.

I think this is a great incentive for guys to stay with the mother of their child(ren) and make it work.

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), June 19, 2000.

Isn't it funny that the guys are always so strapped. They can't pay. They are sick. They have lost their jobs. They don't have a car. I say Bull Shit!

The mom's who have the care of the kids have to work when they are sick. If they don't have a car, they find a ride to work and pay a fee. (I know this for a fact, as I rode with a friend for a year for a small fee.) If moms are sick they still have to care for and feed the kids somehow. If the kid is sick they have to take care of it during the night and still work the next day. And that doesn't even touch the subject of giving undivided attention between laundry, helping with homework, preparing dinner, and explaining why daddy has a new wife and new car and new kid, and on and on and on.

I agree with consumer, their is more to parenting than $$$. Real men like Deano pay what seems like to me, a terrible amount of money for two kids. But they do it, and they aren't late. I hope your wife appreciates this, because that's a big amount of cash.

My former husband did everything he could to get out of paying. He remarried and fathered two more kids and ignored our child. I'm a grandma now, but I'm like 'sumer, still a little angry, on account of what my child missed growing up. However, later I married a real man who was a great dad to him. But it still hurts when they know their real dad doesn't give a shit about them. His dad has never been in touch with him, not once, since he was about 16; next month he'll be 40.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), June 19, 2000.

Thanks gilda!

"Real men like Deano".... Finally someone recognizes me!! :-)

It was u-g-l-y at first. Between both she and I, and between me and the creditors. Actually, here saber-toothed lawyer wanted MORE money a month but she knew I wouldn't be able to survive. I think her heart grew 3 times that day.......

I see the kids all the time. Coach my son in Little League (have for 7 years now). Definitely not your typical divorced dad. Their mom and I even get along now. I can't imagine not being able to see my kids. I don't see how the dads that aren't able to (for whatever reason), do it.


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), June 20, 2000.

Deano, Someday you're kids will realize how lucky they are. I think it's great of you and your wife to keep things on an even keel for them. Divorce is hard enough on children without mom and dad bad-mouthing each other. Truly, you are a good guy.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), June 20, 2000.

Deano, you have a heart of gold. It is so sad to see the ex's who are at each other's throats, making life miserable for small children. 37 years ago, my parents divorced (Good thing). We were three children by the 1st Father. Mother remarried and moved to another state. She and new Husband invited my birth Father over to spend Holiday nights/weekends, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) My birth Father even gave Christmas gifts to my Mother's new husband, and vice versa. My birth Father never remarried. The (then) current Husband and the Ex, were given the name of "Husband In Law" association. We all laughed, and still do. They have all passed away. But the remaining Family still tells of the unselfish acts, those Family members went through, in continue a community of Love, for very young children. It was remarkable.

-- Three Dog (Celebrate@listen.com), June 20, 2000.

I had to laugh at Z callin mike on his use of a handle instead of a real name, LOL! Now that is irony with a capitol I!

I remember this guy from old TB2K, FWIW.

And I think y'all should be ashamed for jumping down his throat w/o asking for specifics first. Folks CAN get down on the ol' luck, y'know, it DOES happen.

I broke my hip into many pieces one fine day, had zero insurance. After 6 months of not being able to work after the FIRST operation me and the Mrs were in dire straights, and after the second operation and another 4 months on a walker we can about as close as you can come to losing everything we had worked for. Thank God for family, if not for that we might be living in a fucking tent. You people make me ill.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), June 20, 2000.

Well, the system does suck... I have two children from my firsat marriage, one from my second (10 yrs old now)... been through the ringer so many times even tho I have ALWAYS payed my support. Icould go on for hours about all the BS that has happened over the years, but you want to know the one that really pisses me off?

I was given custody of my youngest when he was 5... I have never recieved a nickel in support. Between welfare, and the boyfriend of the month, she lives better than we do! Are they accumulating the back child support? Hell no... even if they did, I know I'll never see it. They tell me that "30 days after she goes off public assistance" she has to start paying.

Then the IRS is smoking my ass for claiming my daughter, 16, who has lived with her maternal grandparents for years, and who's only financial support other than the grandparents is me, after I found out mom and her boyfriend after relocating to Vegas were not sending any of the child support I paid to help her out, so I started sending the checks direct to my daughter, payable to her... which pissed off her mom who refused to sign off on the dependent release credit...

Everyone hears about deadbeat dad's, but there are a lot of deadbeat mom's out there too and the courts don't help when that's the case...

-- Carl (clilly@goentre.com), June 20, 2000.

gilda and ThreeDog,

Wow! Thanks for the kind words. What can I say? They're my younguns!


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), June 21, 2000.


Get some pepto-bismol. This guy still has not answered my challenge to provide public information on the other side of the story. All we heard was his side.

You should know that we are going to call someone on their shit here if they cannot present a balanced view. He also seems to have abandoned his own thread.

C'est La Vie.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), June 21, 2000.

Future, please note, this is lesson "101" in being Human. We are not a jury. This person has asked for none of YOUR money. They only posed a life experience, as they see it. Why WILL you nail them to the cross for specifics? Ease up, look around. Beware of the huckster who wants some of your money and aware of the poster who needs a helping hand.

-- Been There (done@that.com), June 21, 2000.

I just found this post and hope others will too. The family court system is a real money maker for government. They have quotas that must be met and will lie and cheat the public to get funds to support their self serving needs. I work for Sacramento County and have seen the inner workings of the system due to the fact that my office handles a lot of the financial and confidential paperwork within family court services and the Department of Health and Welfare.These people are making a mint. The county general fund gets some,but most seems to be going to the bosses that supervise these programs as well as the lawyers and judges.They have consolidated most operations over the past two years claiming to save the taxpayers time and money,but then turn around and give themselves some very large "cost of living" increases to their incomes.Plus these lawyers can name any price they want to charge you and nickel and dime both parties of a family dispute to death. In most cases the side with the most money wins,so I know it's not about what's right or wrong,or anything to do with justice.Around here it doesn't even have to do about law,it's about who has the cash to hire the better lawyers(and who can bribe the judge).Don't be fooled, these people are making lots of money off your mis-fortune and laughing all the way to the bank.The county claims that they have over a $14 million dollar shortfall,so they raise all their fees and tell people that they are having to cut back services(ie.use less people for the same workload),but from what my co-workers and I have seen is an abusive mis-use of power by the county and we know it's the same all over becuase we've had people transfer in and transfer out and it's been the same story no matter what county they worked for. FAMILY COURT SERVICES IS MAKING A FOOL OUT OF EVERYONE !!! PS.I've been trying to transfer out to public works,so I don't have to see this kind of garbage anymore.Some of my fellow workers are also collecting evidence to turn over to the media so this can be exposed.Some girls tried this a couple years back and turned things over to the state attorney's office but it got buried right then and there.Keyword there was attorney.Bottom line is we all suffer from abuse government not abusive parents and the kids pay the biggest price.This is dated May 5.2002

-- You'r e kidding ,right? (wrmtatuch@iwon.com), May 06, 2002.

There are some major abuses of power going on in the Child Support Enforcement System that many people are not aware of. Using terms like "dead beat" dads and creating the image of the forsaken children of divorce enduring poverty at the hands of some irresponsible dad, who is now driving around a "vette" with tinted windows while he squanders his money on wine and women has manipulated the public into believing that these abuses are right. Get the facts people, if you are in support of the current "policies" that are being used to collect child support and oppress non-custodial parents; look a little closer and stop buying into the rhetoric that was put into place for shock value. Child Support Enforcement has some hugh holes in the system and now it's a mess and our taxes continue to pay for this system to continue. Humiliation and Shame is how the system has been allowed to continue without individuals speaking up. Embarrass somebody enough and make them outcasts of society and you take away their voice, that's how this scam has been perpetuated for far too long. If after you get all the facts on Federal and State level Child Support Enforcement and you still agree with the current policies, you would be the minority to continue on this tirade against non- custodial parents who for the most part never wanted to leave any child in need much less their own.

-- Second Family (mbenner3@juno.com), November 09, 2002.

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