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Maul Pilne has "retired" from his labors at Y2k. If there was a bigger asshole in all of Y2k aside from Herr Gary North and Mr. Sincerity Hyatt, it would be hard to find one. Maul Pilne was just reprsentative of the same anti-everything they themselves "didn't like", he was just a Clone Clown.

NOTE: this dirt bag piece of human scum who has the nerve to tell people not to pay their taxes, ........had no scruples what so ever taking US Government WELFARE because his income as an "electrician's helper" "entitled him to it" (he claimed).

That he and others like him made TV interviews showed how far they were able to pervert the extremist views of North and Yourdon and get them into the "mainstream Y2k discussion". The only one worse than Milne in that regard was Dr. DooDoo Carmichael who used Y2k to promote himself first and then his own Far Left agenda reeking of Socialism and "share the assets"(wealth).

Now be sure to catch the "business oppotunity".


Now, you tell me which of these defined categories of "Tax Protest Schemes" that "applying the law properly" as specified in this document, would fall into.


Regardless of whether or not you choose to continue to participate in Social Security, you may, at any time, legally choose to NOT have your earnings credited to you under the social security program, simply by refusing to supply your social security number on a W-4 to your employer. Under such circumstances, the employer is required to immediately stop all withholding of taxes, both employment and income.

If you want a copy of the correspondence letters and legal documents necessary to give to your employer to suspend, or effectively end, your participation in the social security system, thereby depriving the IRS of the information whose misuse they rely upon to harass you for taxes you don't legally owe under the strict letter of the law, then:

SEND $125.00 check, or money order to:

General Delivery
Republican Grove Post Office
Republican Grove, Virginia


So that we may print a personalized set of documents for you to have and use, please include your own complete formal name and address, the name and address of your employer, and the name of the contact person at the employer, to whom this correspondence should be addressed.

Cover letter to the employer W-4 Termination Letter
Back up withholding Letter Transmittal Letter
Proper Handling of Documents Letter Statement of Citizenship in duplicate
Affidavit of Facts Regarding Social Security and attached Exhibits, including
Two letters from the Social Security Administration stating that it is voluntary
Cites of 42 U.S.C. 405, 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(16), 1441, & 1461
Instructions from Publication 515
Excerpts from the EEOC v. Information Systems Consulting Decree
The EEOC Religious Discrimination Fact Sheet
A letter to your employer should he "attempt" to refuse your Statement of Citizenship

If you have any questions at all, you may E-MAIL us at:

We will be happy to answer you promptly.


-- Mystery Guest (, June 18, 2000



Are you talking about the tax protestor morons who spam this forum? If you have proof that it is Milne, please post it. Otherwise, such speculation is more worthy of the doomiest doomer you ever debunked.

-- (I'm a@little.teapot), June 18, 2000.

FOOL. ' This is Milne's email address:

Its his site.


-- Mystery Guest (, June 18, 2000.

Any more questions??

Try this:

The short answer is that ignorami, lacking anything at all, pretend that, knowing the motives of another, they can discredit him.

Let me say this. I absolutely despise what America has become. It is a mere vestige of what the founders had penned in the Constitution. In fact, it is the EXACT opposite.

I went to the fireworks tonite at Patrick Henry's home, in Brookneal Virginia. That is where I live, Patrick Henry country. Most people do not know that Patrick Henry was violently opposed to the Constitution. He feared that it was grievously flawed allowing to much power to a central government and that it was INEVITABLE that it would be turned upon its head because it provided far to few safeguards. I concur whole heartedly. If you would condescend to read the anti-federalist papers, especially the first ten, you would see that EVERYTHING that they feared has come to pass, in spades.

On the whole, the constitution is sound. Not in regards to its allowing the institution of slavery etc. It is manifestly flawed. It allowed for later generations of liberals to dismantle it piece by piece through BOGUS interpretation instead of making it clear that it meant what it meant quite literally.

The commerce clause and general welfare clauses are the perfect examples.

As far as y2k is concerned, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my political agenda. Do I wish to see the present Federal governmnet completely disemboweled? Yes, absolutely, so that we may go back, start again on the basis of our present constitution but with the appropriate safeguards to our liberty.

Now , becuase I want to see our present government gutted, this does not mean that Y2K will NECESSARILY do that. Those pretending to know the motives of others say that because Paul 'wants' to see it gutted, he beleives that it WILL be gutted. This is childish nonsense.

Th evidence for a catastrophic result from Y2K stands independent from my desires. I have enough intellectual integrity to be able to segregate my wishes from what I believe will happen based upon the evidence.

For anyone to say otherwise is disingenuous at best, lying at worst.

It is all well and good for these ignorami to claim that this is treasonous. It was alright for the founders to act this way against King George III, but, oh no, it is not alright now.

If it be treason, then I say make the best of it.

-- Paul Milne (, July 05, 1999.

Paul. the federal government has no power that stems from the reference to "general welfare."

(Humor me. It is still the 4th of July here.)

-- marsh (, July 05, 1999.

I'm sure that every political philosopher would add or subtract a phrase or two from the Constitution. I don't think it would matter at all.

The problem is that for decades this country has been run by intellectually dishonest people who have declared the law to be anything they say it is. If I'm right, no perfected clause in the Constitution would have stopped them. They would have ignored it just like they ignore all the ones they don't like that are in there now.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that the Dems and Repubs are "Socialist Party A and Socialist Party B". I don't see why that matters. For at least my lifetime, the government has been run by people who took money from foreigners - from Israel, then Japan, now China. If someone is going to sell out his country, what difference does it make what political philosophy his party espouses?

-- GA Russell (, July 05, 1999.

-- Mystery Guest (, June 18, 2000.


FOOL. ' This is Milne's email address:

Could be, but not the one that I have. ISP is correct. But who cares. These kind of posts [often the same ones] have been here since 1998 or more [as far back as I remember]. They are always ignored. So who cares?

Best wishes,,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, June 18, 2000.


I prefer discussions without name calling. There is no dispute that Milne is a tax protestor. Nor is there a dispute that you have posted his website and his email address. Anybody who spent more than a few minutes at the various Y2K fora would know that. What I am questioning is that your subject heading for this thread seems to suggest that Milne is one of the morons spamming this board. I'll ask you again, is that your contention? If so, I'd like to see your proof.

-- (I'm a@little.teapot), June 18, 2000.

Mystery Guest = CPR = just upset because his father's day gifts were last-minute grabs from the Dollar Store. He expected a $25 gift card from Blockbuster Video at the very least.

-- (, June 18, 2000.

Doesn't anyone get Andy Ray's message yet beside the De-Bunkers and anti-Doomers? Milne's posts to CS-Y2k were repeated at once on TB I by a@a.a. How many people all those posts scared and continued to scare after it was obvious in Spring, 1999 that Y2k was under control is the issue.

NOBODY checked on these BS artists. Milne posed as a "former commodities broker" and it was his own brother along with Alan Dechert who debunked him by insisting that was another thing Milne "failed at". Milne posed as an "expert". He let people assume he knew more about business and finance than he did while he was working as a LABORER. Whether he had even a college education is a question.

Typical of all the "Doom Experts" who NONE of the FLOCK at TB I would question.

THAT IS THE DAMN LESSON OF Y2k. Check your sources of information before you think you are "making up your own mind". You were not on TB I.

You were POUNDED WITH PROPAGANDA DAILY passed on by posters like a@a.a and others from North, Hyatt, Lord, and the rest of the BS Artists in Y2k for a buck or their own Agenda.


YOU VOLUNTEERED TO HELP THOSE CREEPS GLADLY to "save everyone" from the "disaster" ...THEY WERE DREAMING UP (or in North's case, "dreaming of" all his life).

Milne is a tax protestor. That was what was noted above. Who ever posts this kind of garbage should be flamed and who ever did it in the past should be remembered. Especially considering how nicely Milne covered some of his tracks about his other "activities" and the fact that he TOOK WELFARE while railing as above. Another HYPOCRITE. Big Time.

What has one thing got to do with the other?

These people are all essentially the same: Fringe Extremists. At the Far Left and the Far Right they meet. That was most noticeable in Y2k.

No one accused Milne of posting here. He did enough damage for 3 years anyway.

-- Mystery Guest (, June 18, 2000.

Big Mouth.

YOU are an asshole.

-- Mystery Guest (, June 18, 2000.

Heheh. I was right! Maybe you could pass along some of that cranberry- scented aftershave to Snuggy/Y2K Aware Mike. Waste not, want not, as my grandfather used to say.

-- (, June 18, 2000.


I was here [old site] and on csy2k BM {before milne}. I listened to what he had to say. He was polite in his responses to me [not to others]. I just didn't buy what he had to say. For those that did; there is such a thing as personal responsibility. The problem is not with Paul; it is with the followers. If you are one of those, I can understand your response. If not; not.

Best wishes,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, June 18, 2000.

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