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I've been waiting for someone to post this thread but since they haven't, here goes. We all remember Carla telling Peter that he wasn't the father of Reese (or is it Reece?). He almost took a DNA test but decided he was the father whether it was biologically or not. I've been watching the reruns on TNT and noticed, in retrospect, a couple of things. Carla hadn't told Peter about the pregnancy...he found out when he saw her at the hospital for an examination (their romance had cooled, I think). When he questioned being the father, Carla gave him an earful (though she might have either way). A few epis later, when she had a car accident at 6 1/2 months, she told Jeannie and Dr. Coburn that he was the father, for medical reasons. They needed to know the father's blood type or had to stick her with a needle to test the baby's (for the rh factor). I don't think she'd have lied at that point about the risked both her health and that of her I think she told him he wasn't the father to be mean and vindictive, even though he could have easily found out the truth, just after a lot of anguish. Maybe I'm misinterpreting something or missing something though...that's why I thought I'd turn it over to the experts!

-- Diana (, June 18, 2000


I was thinking along the same lines too Diana. More than likely Peter is Reese's father, since there was no Rh factor problem during delivery.

-- AmyE (, June 18, 2000.

I think that Peter is probably the father. Once Peter started causing Carla grief over custody issues and pushing Carla to get Reese involved in special programs for the deaf, she just said that to get Peter off her back. I never liked Carla and felt that she was a self centered, conniving b*@$!. At any rate, I would love to see more of Peter being a father next season and I thought it was very cool that he threw away the DNA test. He realized then that being a father doesn't mean "donating" sperm...there is alot more to it than that!

-- amanda (, June 18, 2000.

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