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A while back I remember seeing a thread on scorpions, but I can't find it now! A friend of mine has a 2year old home and they are having massive scorpion problems, so I was hoping to find something that would work to keep them out of their house. Thanks for the help! Doreen

-- Doreen (, June 18, 2000


Hi Doreen, It was probably my thread you saw. We built our house 3 yrs ago & have had scorions ever since. I'm sorry to say we still have the problemand haven't found a way to repell them. What we did do was seal every little crack I mean everyone no matter how small. We moved all the furniture in every room and checked every wall & window. In the laundry room we found a crack between floor & wall about 1/4 inch wide so we sealed that. Anyway we've only found 8 this summer and that's a major improvment. Where does your friend live? I ask because here in TX they are not poisionious but are in some states. If you find something I've missed I'd sure like to know about it. Oh..we do spray under & around the house with Durasban, but inside we found that household Raid kills them faster than anything.

-- Sherrie Holcomb (, June 20, 2000.

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