What changes do you want for Season 7?

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There should be some improvements for season 7 I think, although I'm one who thinks season 6 was pretty good (certainly better than 5).

One big thing that I'm sort of hoping for is more character interaction and friendship.

It seems like everybody's a "lone wolf". Dr Dave, Luka, Kerri, Abby. It seems like no one works together anymore around there. And there isn't very much friendship either. It used to be cool to see Mark and Doug go at it at the job and as soon as they were off duty they are best friends again. And to see some of the group get together at Doc's or a Holloween party or something like that. I'd like more character interaction, and a possible paring down of the cast.

-- Chris Bragg (cbragg@hotmail.com), June 18, 2000


I think that Carter and Dave should become best friends. Now if they get rid of Dave I will never watch ER again! I like Carter but it would be pointless to watch just to see him. I'm still mad at them for killing off Lucy. The show isn't the same anymore. Dave brought back the humor a little but it's still different. Now that Carol is gone the show will be even more different. I have been watching season 3 on TNT and there is a big differnce between seasons3 and 6. They had more fun back then. Carol was great until this year. They basically killed her character. In my opinion they should have gotten rid of her right after Lucy died instead of turning her into a depressed person. I liked Carol but I didn't like her this season. They could have had her react more emotinally to Lucy's death. But no, they had her act as if it wasn't a big deal. Anyways, enough about Carol and Lucy. I would like to see Liz and Mark stay together and for them to get rid of Cleo. Otherwise that's all I can think of right now.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), June 18, 2000.

Things I'd like to see in Season 7:

More Carter and Benton interaction. Find an excuse to get them together professionally again.

A major storyline for Kerry, romantic or otherwise.

Would like to see Dave interacting more with his student, Abby. The episode where Corday chewed them out was interesting. Maybe it would be "Dumb and Dumber" but it would be nice to see Dave struggle to clean up his act and be a real teacher to Abby.

Mark and Elizabeth should get married at season's end.

Cleo should LEAVE.

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), June 18, 2000.

1. GET RID OF CLEO 2. Definitely more interaction between Carter and Benton neede 3. Carter's family? I'm in 2 minds about this 4. Keep Mark and Lizzie together (otherwise I will get really annoyed!) 5. More storylines for Kerry - not necessarily a love interest - and Romano - cos I actually like his scenes! That's all I can think of. My brain is warped as I had 3 huge exams today. :)

-- Rosie (happymoron@hotmail.com), June 19, 2000.

Well some of the changes that I would like to see in season 7 mainly rests on the basic principal of friendships. First, now that Carol is gone there isn't really anyone that has been there from the beginning for Mark to be friends with, only Benton and Carter and he has his own probs. I think that it is good to have new characters, but I really believe that the ring will definetly be gone(Not that it was there for hardly any of season 6.) I hope that Carter and Benton work together more often. I think that Dave should become more mature during this season and become a leader/teacher for Abby. I hope that Abby doesn't mess up as much as she did in 6. I don't know what they will do with Elizabeth and Mark. I hope that they stay together and develop a mature relationship. (Isn't she pregnant in real life?) I think that Luka should get involved with someone outside the hospital and I hope that that person can help him heal. I also hope that Kerry has some story lines that will shed some light on her past. I would also like to see some more Halloween/x-mas parties and Doc Magoos meetings. I think that it would be neat to have scenes like Carol and Susan tanning on the roof. B-ball games with the guyz and comic relief scenes like the relationship with Abby Keaton and Carter or the karoke scene with Carter, Anspough?? and that orietal dude. Well sorry so long but just my thoughts.

-- Jill (Huckabe5@bellsouth.net), June 19, 2000.

I'm with Chris and Jill. We need more good friendships and that group camaraderie that was so prominent in the first few seasons. The only time we've seen it happen this season was after a tragedy.

We also need Jerry back, but I suppose I'm dreaming on that one....

A wedding for Mark and Elizabeth would be nice. Mark is the kind of domesticated guy that just oughta be married. How about if they come back from Doug and Carol's wedding and announce that they're engaged? And then we could have one of those Scenes of Camaraderie at their end-of-the-season wedding. Or mid-season. I'm not fussy.

-- Mary (mslyman@erols.com), June 20, 2000.

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