looking of hindu brahmin marriage song lyrics - laali , nalangu , oonjal !

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Let me introduce myself my name is Lakshmei alladi I got the opportunity to visit your Carnatic.com and was looking for some special songs which used to be sung in Hindu Bhrahmain [Iyer or Iyangaar] marriages like LAALI, NALANGU, OONJAL [swing] and so on and so forth. But my surprise i couldn't fine them in any of the carnatic sites. Would u care to send me the sites which [if it has if not let me know how can i access these songs and from where?] has these songs. It can be in Vocal or in Instrumental. Hoping for the possitive reply from u.


-- (laks@usurf.com), June 18, 2000


They're some Audofiles of Utsava Sampradaya kritis of Thyagaraja @ the following site: http://sailu.com/text/singers.html Hope this helps.

-- Sruti (none@nowere.domain), February 08, 2001.

Please refer to www.musicindiaonline.com. and go to carnatic vocal and click C saroja &C.Lalitha songs on marriage iyer style.

-- T.R.Chandrasekaran (trc108uma@yahoo.com.), August 22, 2001.

Hi, During the 'nalungu' of my sis' marriage, I had sung a song "Vilayaada Ithu Neramaa..", a kriti in Shanmughapriya, by Papanasam Sivan.. It was a big 'hit', you cud say so.. Kumar..

-- Kumar S (s_kumar159@yahoo.com), November 24, 2002.

"Vilayada ithu nerama" is by Mr. T N Bala of Philadelphia USA

-- Lalitha Sundaram (lalithas@world.std.com), March 13, 2003.

hi! i came across some of the marriage songs in a website and here is the link for the same. http://www.mangalyadharanam.com/marriage/songs/marriagesongs.htm hope this helps.

-- Nalini Raj (nalini88@yahoo.com), April 18, 2003.

I have a audio cassette sung by MLV containing all the songs in sequence sung at the Iyengar marriage .Do let me know if you still need them.

-- Nisha Rangarajan (rranga@batelco.com.bh), May 06, 2003.

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