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William McNamara William McNamara has come a long way from the the cocaine-snorting, booze-swilling rich kid who created a sensation among the few who saw The Beat (1988). It was his first major film role and the success went to his head. This coupled with his drug use and erratic behavior could have destroyed his budding career, but handsome and talented McNamara continued to find steady work. Since giving up drugs and alcohol in 1991, his career has taken flight and those who know him are impressed with his gentle, polite manner.

His was a peripatetic childhood, due in part to his mother's multiple marriages. His father was a Texas real estate magnate whose hobby was driving race cars and his grandfather was politician Robert McNamara. His mother was an interior designer and was granted custody of McNamara after the divorce. She took him to Dallas for a time, and then Los Angeles where McNamara met many movie stars. It was they who inspired him to become an actor. They next moved to New York and it is there that McNamara started getting into trouble, first skipping school, then getting expelled from three private schools. His drug use began while he was working as a production assistant during the summers in Los Angeles. At age 17, his parents threw him out and for a time he was homeless. He did make it to Columbia University where he studied acting and started working in a few television commercials. A summer stint with the Williamstown Theater resulted in his appearing in The Beat. Prior to that McNamara acted in two foreign efforts, Dario Argento Opera and the European miniseries Secret of the Sahara ( both 1987). After appearing in Peter Bogdonavich's Texasville (1990), McNamara turned to television movies, notably Wildflower (1991) which starred Patricia Arquette and The House on Maple Drive (1992) with Jim Carrey in a rare dramatic role. He returned to feature films in 1992 with Aspen and since then McNamara has been getting larger roles in better quality films. His role in Copy Cat (1995) is particularly notable. -- Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

-- Gisele (, June 18, 2000



Its great he has overcome those addictions, WE *******DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM END UP LIKE !!ROBERT DOWNEY JR!! NOOOOOOOOO,********

-- obvious (, June 24, 2000.

Regarding Ms. Sandra Brennan's (All Movie Guide) article

After reading this bio, written by Sandra Brennan (All Movie Guide), I do have a question. Who finds these "critics" and allows them to write these pieces? I'm sure William McNamara is flattered to be referred to as "handsome and talented" with a "gentle, polite manner." However, I think that just because he is in eye of the public, does not condone the drudging up of hardships OR the dragging out of skeletons. I am unaware if any of what this article claimed is true or untrue. However, I feel there are more "tactful" ways of giving a depiction of someone, other than to refer to then as a "cocaine-snorting, booze-swilling rich kid." I'm sure Ms. Sandra Brennan has had her own obstcles to overcome at some point herself and would probably take offense to someone airing her dirty laundry is such a manner as this. Billy McNamara may be a reconized actor, but that isn't reason to "tell all". If it is true, this is still "sloppy" journalism. If it isn't's slander. Either way, it's awful.


-- Deirdre (, July 16, 2000.

Do your homework!

Just one more thought on this article by Sandra Brennan (sent in by Gisele...thanks!)

This Brennan woman thought nothing of finding dirt to write about William, but is unaware that the 1992 made for tv movie that he starred in was called "Doing Time...on Maple Drive". Not, "The House On....." Do your homework.


-- Deirdre (, July 16, 2000.

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