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Found an old Macintosh SE model #M5011. Have a mouse, no keyboard. The first comuputer I ever played with looked like one of these. Remember doing word processing and a drawing program. What else did these do, and how? Seems I need disks to run programs off of? Are these still available? Can I download these systems (were they very large?) and copy to a floppy

-- Jon Keller (, June 17, 2000


The SE uses 2DD 800k disk. It uses a variable speed drive. Likewise with disk. New drives do not support this format. So all this talk about a floppy is worthless because nothing can read those old disk. Also, those SE drives cannot read new disk because of the format. Believe me, I know. I have a SE and bought a iMac. They didn't work too well together. I wrote a magazine and got published (MacHome). That's how I know. May I suggest you put the SE in a museum and buy a newer Mac.

-- matthew rushing (, July 04, 2001.

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