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Sometimes, being selfish and taking care of yourself is the best thing for the project and for yourself. How good are you at being selfish when necessary without feeling guilty?

-- Kymm (, June 17, 2000


Remind yourself of the pain and agony of not taking care of yourself. or the total lack of time you have to do X.

-- Melissa (, June 18, 2000.

Well, you just have to remember that there's no such thing as a truly selfless act and that if you don't take care of yourself you're no good to other

-- tracing (, June 18, 2000.

(uh, that would be "others")

-- tracing (, June 18, 2000.

What you say in this entry about shortchanging your own performance by worrying about shit you have no control over was beautifully put, and I would like to hire you to come tell me that at least three times per rehearsal period.

Because I am a closet director, and a control freak, and a genius-in- my-own-mind, and that's exactly where I am weakest.

It's strange, because I usually have no problem being utterly selfish.

-- Anne (, June 19, 2000.

I just think of those words of wisdom, sage enough to be emblazoned above every single airplane seat in America:


-- Kim Rollins (, June 21, 2000.

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