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just out of curiosity, what was the official ruling on using codes to access hidden characters in fighting games? I say this because Takuma Sakazaki's KoF '97 score used the hidden Orochi Yashiro, and much of the recording relies on him getting the 5000 point DM grab over and over.


-- BBH (, June 17, 2000


I would guess it wouldn't be a problem. Just shows a preference of one character over others really. Didn't someone submit a SFZ recording some time ago using Akuma? I don't know the KOF series, so I have no idea if there is any particular advantage with secret characters - you still have to learn to use that character, right?

-- Barry Rodewald (, June 17, 2000.

I don't know how difficult it is to do that magic throw but if it's easy, it's certainly an advantage, the thing works against all opponents if your are in close range nearly every time, it's pretty lame to watch the same thing being done about 4 times against every oponent... at least he loses a couple of times and proves that he knows how to use other players although with very similar strategies. I'd vote not to use hidden characters in kof97.

-- Chad (, June 17, 2000.

I'll assume you're talking about Guile's magic throw on SF2, then no, it certainly isn't easy, but you get better with practice. I used to be able to do something like 12 magic throws in a row (do it on a bonus stage to do that). Unfortunately, it's more difficult on the keyboard. If you want, I'll post how it's done, along with Guile's invincible stance. (hope you have a good arcade style joystick!)

-- Barry Rodewald (, June 17, 2000.

I have one concern. Submissions using secret codes are well and good as long as it is clear that they are using a secret code/character AND if it openly available to everyone. Secret codes by definition are NOT available to everyone. Any secret codes need to be published and be made freely available to keep the 'level playing field'. I'd be upset if someone was getting high scores using Takuma and I couldn't compete because I didn't know the secret code. Perhaps we should insist that any inp using a secret code must also have a accompanying 'howto' to enable the secret.

In some cases secret codes may need to be banned or submitted games put into a separate classification. E.g. any invincibility code ought to banned. Codes like "powerup" in bubble bobble give a huge advantage and need to be classed differently.

We will probably have to access each case as it comes.

As for KOF and SF2 secret characters, I'm ok with them being used as long as the codes are freely available.

-- Tim Morrow (, June 18, 2000.

I was acutally talking about the secret character Yashiro, and the throw the recording in question uses to defeat nearlly all the players. The MANY secret throws/kicks/punches are not publically available as well even for NON secret characters, are you going to publish all the moves you do when you submit a fighting recording? This is not a bad thing, because if people like the game enough they will find them out from word of mouth or the internet. I wouldn't question a guile throw even though i don't know how to use it, since guile IS a character that was meant to be played from a user's perspective. Yashiro was not.

As for secret characters in sf2, all of the characters (including "secret") in sf2 are available in sf2ce, seems ok to allow the characters the game was meant to allow. but not characters you can get by using codes the game developers developed only to test the game.

btw, the yahsiro recording playsback fine with out an nvram or cfg file to 466,400. we'll confirm or ban it if there is a consensus on using secret characters. I seem to remember we were not allowing secret characters in some game a while back sfzero maybe?

-- Chad (, June 18, 2000.

A published move list can just be a url pointer or could even be hosted on MARP depending on interest. i.e. it doesn't have to be actually shipped with the inp. I understand that move lists are considered suitable to be put into the history.dat file (hope it gets fixed soon in MAME).

Word of mouth isn't always reliable. I played bubble bobble for 2 years before I saw someone enter the powerup cheat and started asking questions. It's not something anyone can just 'work out for themselves'. The same goes for secret moves although you are probably more likely to see them executed by watching others play.

I just like to see everyone get a fair chance and secret moves and characters seems to be a move away from that. In all of my uploaded inp's I always explain any special tricks that I used in the game.

I would question a move that I had never seen done after playing a game for several months. If you watched Guile pull out a hand grenade and lob it at his opponent I'd be surprised if you didn't ask some questions too :-) Just because the player is legitimate doesn't mean the players moves are.

Your point about only allowing characters that were meant to be used from a characters perspective is a good one and might form a basis a general rule for which characters can be played in any given game.

-- Tim Morrow (, June 19, 2000.

the reason I brought this up in the first place was because I coulda sworn there were some arguments over using Akuma in Street Fighter Zero...

hidden characters in the KoF series have always been hellishly powerful. Saishu was pretty good in KoF '95 but a far cry from Omega Rugal who's downright godly. The '96 bosses were disabled in arcade play thankfully, but then they allowed them to be used in '97, except for Orochi... Orochi Iori and Leona are way too powerful, Orochi Yashiro and Chris are very good too but a couple regular characters are better.

The move in question being done throughout the recording is done by doing two half circles back + Punch when close (I think that was the motion), when you're either charged to MAX or on red life. And I agree, it's very boring watching the same thing done over and over... but fighting games have always been problematic when it comes to achieving high scores, because it invariably revolves around exploiting some bug in the AI over and over. And when O. Yashiro goes out, it's Ryo's Haohshokohken over and over again... I know it all comes down to getting the highest score, but I hate repetitive stuff like this. Oh well.

-- BBH (, June 20, 2000.

Funny you mention that, BBH. I seem to recall waching someone's Last Blade recording, and having my eyes gradually start to water and tear up from repetitive motion.

Might just have been a bad dream.

QCN, whose characters have the humility to lose once in a while

-- Q.T.Quazar (, June 20, 2000.

And I seem to remember you mentioning something called "Amakusa bullshit" in Samurai Shodown III... (Yes, I know Amakusa isn't a secret character, but if it makes playing the game boring, why bother?) For now, I'll stick with Galford (and Poppy!).

And it's not as if you need the leaderboard points or anything...

-- Barry Rodewald (, June 21, 2000.

Touche, QT. But I put a warning about the recording in the description. And it's not like Yuki is an overly complex character anyway... what else am I supposed to do with her? Either way, at least I wasn't constantly running away to charge up.

As for SS3, yeah I did say something about Amakusa bullshit, but so what? The entire game is bullshit. Again, what is one supposed to do?

I don't NEED leaderboard points but I don't like losing 1st places.

-- BBH (, June 23, 2000.



how are you plese give my code boss zero 2000 kof plese. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

-- faycal habil (, February 14, 2002.

They say you can find it at but after downloading it and opening it, you need to click the second option in the last box in the bottom right corner. You are on your own from there on how the hell it works.

-- Joe Ledesma (, February 14, 2002.

how to use zero on the king of fighters 2000 please?

-- hamza hamdini (, January 19, 2003.

tell me code zero in 2000

-- Arif Habib Ehsan (, July 28, 2003.

Man you can never take him in 2000. I have the game on my PC and I tried to reveal him in all the modes (Practice, Single, Team) and I tried to search the code on many gaming websites but there isn't any reply. The last secret character that you can use in 2000 is that thin girl which you fight as a mid boss sometimes. She appears below the roulette button. Do you play the game on PC too or in an arcade?

-- REBEL (, August 19, 2004.

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