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Thanks for taking this question - You probably get this over and over.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have not been able to find any classes on black and white photography. Can you recommend some good resources for me? Thank you, Car

-- Carol Bloswick (, June 16, 2000



either I took forever in getting to this question (possible) or the computer system was down.

Here in lovely Madison, Wisconsin, we have the MATC (Madison Area Technical College). As part of their continuing adult education course, they offer photography classes that focus on teaching B&W composition and darkroom, along with some finishing technique (mounting, spotting).

The Complete 35mm Sourcebook has a very basic description of film processing.

The three Ansel Adams books are reportedly very good. I haven't read them. (In case you've been living "under a rock", they are "The Camera", "The Negative", and "The Print").

What aspects of black and white do you want to get into? Lab work, or just composition and filter technique?

-- William (, August 23, 2000.

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