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All right, this may have been asked before but... How do you get a Gray Wolf, what's it made of?! I know it exists, I was attacked by one on the Speed errantry... So, how do you get one?! (Please tell me if there is a specific CD, K?)

-- MegaMalletMan (, June 16, 2000


There is no such thing as grey wolf. What you saw was kamui, and enemy monster. There is also white hound, which is a white tiger, but no grey wolf.

-- RaPtOr2157 (, June 16, 2000.

You can SUPPOSEDLY get them from the CD soundtrack to Dances with Wolves. I own it, though, and mine gave me a damn arrowhead, so I wish you good luck in getting you're white tiger... I eventually just got m'self a Daton.

-- Justice (Whoo-hoo, I exist!!!) (, June 21, 2000.

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