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Garden pictures are the other best thing about garden journals. If you aren't hampered for space could you please make larger photos for me to salivate over?

Thanks. Oh and if you ever wanna get rid of some Watsonia or Bergenia, I'm begging you on bended knee to send some my way! ;)

-- Renee (, June 15, 2000


Done as of the most recent entry. I'm running out of space on my server, though, so until I get moved, I probably won't post anymore. Once I have more room, I may add more to older entries, too, if I can find the original digital photos.

Talk to me in the fall about the Watsonia! I tossed some, but I always have more. If you can tell me how to mail Bergenia, I can do that, too. I also have some Bergenia seeds I bought that I'm not going to use, so I can send them to you, as well.

-- Beth (, August 06, 2000.

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