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Does anyone know of the numbers used for baywindow cabooses used by the Georgia Northern, Albany & Northern, G.A.S.&C. and Georgia & Florida? I remember seeing photos of some Ga.No. equipment but do not remember their numbers, and have seen G.&F. cabs in what I believe to be an X6900-series, but do not remember exact numbers.

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, June 15, 2000


Georgia Northern had the X-153, a 4 window BW caboose, of Southern ancestary, and I have a slide of Georgia & Florida X-3201, but I'm sure that G&F had more than one cab. Other roads to get the Southern hand-me-downs include the CofG, Tenn. Ry., TA&G Ry., Sandersville, Lancaster & Chester, and the Virginia Blue Ridge Ry.

-- Russell Underwood (, June 16, 2000.

The Carolina & North-Western owned baywindows X25-X34, which were purchased new (not SR handme-downs) from American. They were relettered in the late60's and early 70's to Southern, but retained their numbers.

An NS (original caboose, still in original paint) is located near downtown Lincolnton, NC (the number escapes me)

-- Matt Bumgarner (, June 16, 2000.

The TA&G RY purchased their bay window cabs from the SOU before the merger.They had four windows and were purchased to replace some Ex NC&STL wood sheathed models. There were two of them that I have seen photos of. They were X71 and X72. Both had four windows, but the X71 had her middle two windows covered over before the Southern takeover. I have never seen photos of X72 with this modification. I have also seen photos of X71 after the Merger with the Yellow bay window scheme but still lettered TA&G. Something weird about TA&G cabooses is that they had mailboxes attached to their underframe. Anybody know what purpose these served?


-- Warren D. Stephens (, July 01, 2000.

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