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Does any evidence exist as to whether or not any of the N.S.Ry. steel cupola cabooses ever received Southern paint after the merger in 1974?

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (jmlaboda@hotmail.com), June 15, 2000


I'm not sure if any got Southern paint or not, but they were sold to other roads. NS #374 to DT&I #150, NS #372 to DT&I #151, NS #366 to DT&I #152, and NS #371 to DT&I #153. NS #368 is in Savannah,Ga. lettered as Central of Georgia X-368, and at least two cabs were sold to the Angiers, Winslow, and Western RR, and are now numbered #112 and #113. There's a photo of these on George Elwoods Fallen Flag site.

-- Russell Underwood (Jay611@home.com), June 16, 2000.

Make that Algers, Winslow, & Western...

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (Jay611@home.com), June 17, 2000.

I just found my slide of AW&W #113. It is believed to be ex-NS Rwy #367. FWIW...

-- Russell Underwood (Jay611@home.com), July 22, 2000.

According to the information in the "Southern Railway Color GuideTo Freight and Passenger Equipment" a NS caboose was painted in the Southern colors with a side door and asinged to the MW department. It's road # is 910808. Heres some more food for thought. The New Hope Valley Railroad has a wooden center coupla NS caboose and the "North Carolina Transportation Museum" has a bay window caboose in the NS colors.

-- Robert Daniel Cashwel (rdcsouthern@aol.com), April 19, 2002.

Robert--that particular MOW cab was actually converted from a boxcar and was not one of their cupola cabs. There are a couple photos of it in the caboose section of the photo gallery--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@starpower.net), April 19, 2002.

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