What does "Malibu" mean to you?

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When I was growing up in NJ, I had my own perception of "Malibu." Now that I live in Malibu, that perception has changed drastically. What is your perception of "Malibu" ????

-- amaebi (me@amaebi.org), June 15, 2000


I grew up in So Cal (the Valley) so I thought of it as a place with some movie stars, but my family also knew some people there so I knew it wasn't just movie stars. And the impression of the movie stars who'd chose to live there was that they weren't the snooty rich ones but the oddballs and bohemians. My mom's boss lived there and we'd go to her place every year for a big party. Raymond Burr was her neighbor & we heard all about him being gay.

Bevery Hills was where the snooty rich people lived.

Since my parents grew up in LA too, they knew all these places like Malibu as just funky little beach towns and boho places. Later Malibu, Venice, Laguna etc became known as fancy places, but I'll always think of them as funky beach towns.

We have friends who live there now and think it's a great place with small town friendliness. Except for the fires, I envy you.

-- Lizzie (crow@well.com), June 15, 2000.

ah, you forget the mudslides that invariably follow the fires. all that loose soil tumblind down the mountains.

and then there's those earthquakes, but that's not just malibu. :)

-- amaebi (me@amaebi.org), June 15, 2000.

I wasn't forgetting the mudslides, just didn't want to get you too worried.

plagues of locusts are in there too.

-- Lizzie (crow@well.com), June 16, 2000.

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