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hello there.....i have recently purchased a target six-20 and have a few ?????. i have tried to contact film for classics via the net and was unable to reach their site. do you know their phone#? also i am going to have to take apart and clean the camera....a screw is missing from the faceplate and a lot of muck has gotten into the view finder's inner areas...almost impossible to see through either of the viewers.. anyone have any advice on where to get that small of a screw and taking the front of the camera apart.. of course. i was unable to find a manual for the camera via craigcamera or toptown.....i know the camera has 2 aperture settings..what are they exactly??..i think it also has a shutter speed setting ..there is a metal tab right below the shutter switch....i can get the shutter to stay open by pulling the tab to the halfway position....but am not sure if the other 2 settings are doing anything to control the shutter's speed... also do any of you know the min. focus distance of this camera...or how to adjust the camera to take panoramic shots... and finally.....i am planning on making my own prints and am aware that the 620 film was/is 2 1/2x 3 1/2....not sure what 120 is...will an 80mm enlarger lens be compatible with the 120 film in this camera.....i have no idea what kind of lens the camera has or what sort of considerations i'd need to make in adjusting the enlarging process of the neg. to get a sharp print. i'd greatly appreciate any input you may have and would like to thank chuck for making this site's a goldmine of info.....thank you. jeanette majer

-- jeanette majer (, June 14, 2000


Brownie Target Six-20

Film for Classics are now at

Oldtimer Cameras will probably be able to supply a book.

Minimum focus on this model, like most box cameras without a close-up lens, will be about 10 feet.

This model takes 6x9cm negative, irrespective of whether you use 620 film or re-rolled 120. You'll need a 105mm (approx) enlarger lens designed to cover this negative size and a negative carrier to suit. Some enlargers will handle 6x6cm negs but not 6x9cm negs. An 80mm lens would usually be used for 6x6cm negatives and would probably not cover the larger negative successfully.

-- Chris Eve (, June 15, 2000.

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