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Okay, so the new season of MTv's The Real World sucks. It just isn't what it used to be. I think it's time for something different. So how about this...?

Seven online journallers in one house with only one computer. See what happens when people really stop being polite and start getting real. Assuming Mtv took us up on this idea, which seven journallers would you put on The Real World and tune in weekly to watch? And you have to say why...

-- Michelle (, June 14, 2000


Sounds like a good idea.

-- Chris Parker (lazer1990@AOL.COM), June 14, 2000.

Alright. I'll go first.

It's taking everything I have not to cast myself in this thing, but I won't.

I'm going the route of three women and four men. Why? Because an odd number of women means, without a doubt, that there will be at some point the old 2 vs 1 "stop ganging up on me" fiasco. Not that I want my cast to fight...but we want some fun, right?

Women: Willa (Willa's Journal) for her maturity, her ability to always see a silver lining and the probability she'd bring her two cats. Amanda (Rainy Day Stories) because she's an amazing debater and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Plus she's got a great sense of humor. Jen (a new fave: Om Mani Padme Hum) because of her very youthful, hip outlook, her humor and the cutting way she bitches.

I wanted to use both the debs (daily dose and many colored days, but I don't think either would be willing to leave their babes for that long.)

Men: Without a doubt, Scott (U9 (formerly Words))for much the reasons I chose Amanda above--his ability to speak his mind clearly and to argue well. The humor thing is quite obvious. Jon-Jon (The Jon-Jon Diaries) because...because of his Jon-Jon ness and don't tell me you don't know what I mean by that. Columbine (alright, I know I've got the correct category biologically speaking, so I'm going with it) for his ability to play the devil's advocate and to create controversy all on his own. And...I'm torn. I think I'd have to make Al (Nova Notes) and Rob (Book of) arm wrestle over the spot. Al for his gentleness and ability to compromise. He'd be a peacemaker, no doubt. Rob (should he beat Al and concede to be away from his babe that long) for his bendos, his music (I can already hear it, "Enough with the Chubbin song, man!") and his own unique, keen brand of insights.

-- Jackie (, June 15, 2000.

Whoo-hoo! I'd be famous! I'd be rockin'! I'd be like the Puck of the Online World!

No. No no, wait, that's a bad thing.

And I the token bisexual?

This is a funny thing to think about. Five journallers? In a house...hmm.

I'd go with Beth. Her legal expertise would no doubt settle many a dangerous scuffle. She's also wry and adult, and could buy the beer. Her large and frightening dog must stay at home, however, or I fear for the other journallers' lives. Though it may provide fodder for some action-packed episodes. "See! They've stepped away from the monitor! they're walking around!! They've picked up a leash! OUTSIDE! THEY'RE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!"

or not.

Next we have Karen, and not because she's gorgeous, but because she has a quirky and fascinating way of looking at things. Plus, she sings things in Swedish. How cool is that? Also, her husband's name is Par, so she gets bonus points.

Shmuel. For his dictionaries. The boy is the most well-referenced person in the whole damn world. He could look up "moonshine," and like that, you'd have the happiest Real World house in all the land. He could also steer the conversation into interesting waters.

Patrick would round out the house beautifully, as he is funny and witty and, having been working out for some time now, would be fabulous eye candy.

I would cast me a funny, funny house. And isn't that what it's all about?

-- Jen (, June 15, 2000.

I would also be very firm on my "CLOSE YOUR HTML TAGS" policy. Very firm. Because it's important.


-- Jen (, June 15, 2000.

I think it would be interesting to see my fav journallers in there ... just because I've never met them and (*muhaha*) I'm sure this would give me a really good glimpse as to who/what they really are :) So, I would have:
- Michelle -she seems to be a person who could live without a computer - for surfing reasons - but she'd need the comp for personal writing reasons.
- Jackie - cuz I'd like her to bring along her new kitty and dress up in some theatre wear :)
- Cara - I'd like to see if she would influence all the others into becoming major PowerPuff Girls fans.
- kymmi - cuz she's got major spunk :)
- Carrie - because to me, Carrie needs to hang out with more "slumber party" type people. hehe

-- marilyn (, June 18, 2000.

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