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I saw Allison Janney (I think that's who it was, anyway-I'm not positive because I don't watch her show) from "The West Wing" on TV and she said that because NBC is running the Olympics, their season opener won't air until sometime in October! Does anyone know if this is true for "ER" also? (Personally, I really do *not* want to wait that long, it's so annoying that the seasons seem to start later every year! Thank goodness for reruns on TNT!)

Thanks for any info,

Jessica :-)

-- Jessica (, June 14, 2000


Yep- no Er until October. Sorry.

-- jo (, June 14, 2000.

The fortunate thing about a late start is that (hopefully) there won't be months and months of reruns in between the new episodes.

-- Carin Haseltine (, June 14, 2000.

Yeah, I saw that today and I swore I heard her say that The West Wing would not start until the END of October. But that can't be right because the Olympics will be over on October 1st and surely they wouldn't wait that long! Today on the news I heard something about the World Series being during that time period, also. Does anyone know who will be broadcasting that? I hope THAT doesn't interfere, too!

-- Melanie (, June 15, 2000.

Melanie, Fox owns the rights to televise Major League Baseball. It's unlikely that NBC has the broadcast rights to the baseball playoffs since they aren't televising any regular season games. If the season is starting later this year than normal, NBC may be using the Olympics as an opportunity to push the season openers back to the November sweeps period. I doubt they would do this though. I expect there will be a one week break in between the end of the Olympics and the beginning of the television season

-- Brett Champion (, June 15, 2000.

I was on a flight from Washington DC when they had a special "In-Flight" edition of Access Hollywood, which only lasted about 10 minutes, but they had stuff about ER (more specifically, Goran Visnic) and at the end, they said ER would be premeiring in September. And since Access Hollywood tends to be rather reliable, and could probably get such information from NBC, I'm going to believe them and hope it's true.

-- Kat (, June 15, 2000.

Not only does it suck that NBC's season won't start till October, but the SUMMER Olympics aren't being aired till September 15th.

-- Rachel (, June 16, 2000.

The Summer Olympics is Sept. 15 - Oct. 1. The first Vice Presidential debate will be held on Thur., Oct. 5th. So it looks as if it will be at least Oct. 12th (possibly later since the last debate will be on Oct. 17th) before the season premiere. :(

-- anne (, August 11, 2000.

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