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In the "Defense of Al Gore" thread, you didn't come back to explain your positions. Since I saw a post from you today on another thread, I assume that the "D of A G" thread must have fallen too far down the screen, and thus off your radar. My post here should bring the topic front and center again.

You stated, "As a big-time supporter of the corporate establishment and a key player in the NWO agenda, Shrubya is much more dangerous for this country and our economy".
It is common knowledge that Al Gore is a champion of environmental causes.

Please explain how being for big business is bad for the economy, while being for increased EPA regulation is good for the economy.

You also stated, "Gore thinks it would be a good idea to require licenses for those buying new guns, not for those who already own them. I don't have a problem with that, as long as they don't go overboard with the fees".
It is a well-known fact that George W. Bush signed concealed carry into law as Governor of Texas.

Please explain how being for the Second Amendment is helping to further the NWO agenda, while being against the Second Amendment is not helping to further the NWO agenda.

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), June 14, 2000


J-- Unfortunately you're arguing facts, logic and common sense--none of which is familiar to Clinton-Gore lovers.

They're still busy trying to find some kind of 'legacy' for "Bill & Willy" in the political desert lands of self-acknowledged lying and impeachment. Al Bore's legacy is the new phone taxes which we have all come to love. His book promises a 'war' against the internal combustion engine. Think $2.00 gas is fun? ... you wouldn't believe how much big Al would like all of us to pay...Mr. Carbon Tax.

-- ThinkGasIsHighNow? (Try$3-$, June 14, 2000.

I'm voting for Bush too. As long as I have my gun everything will be just fine.

-- (spineless@coward.wimp), June 14, 2000.

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