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news in english Updated 14.06.00, 14:20 (GMT +01:00) Train derails after driver passes red

It's been revealed that an airport express train derailed at Gardermoen on Tuesday evening after the driver went through a stop signal. No one was injured. The train suffered only slight damage.

The driver was moving the train from a junction area to a platform full of waiting passengers when the accident happened. It meant around 50 percent of the service was out of action last night.

It's not the first trouble to hit the Gardermoen express line. On the day the airport was opened, 8 October 1998, a train had to be taken out of service due to a small electrical fire.

On 3 August last year, an NSB railway employee was killed after being hit by an express train at Lillestrxm station. He had been doing work on the rails near the station.

In February this year, a train was badly damaged when it crashed into a buffer.

The experienced train driver has explained that he overlooked the sop signal in the junction area some 300 metres north of the platform at Gardermoen station at 8.40 p.m. Tuesday evening.

He has been routinely pulled off duty while the incident is investigated.

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-- (, June 14, 2000


Here is a post of mine from January 05, 2000

- Two months ago the Norwegian National Rail
Administration warned that lives could be lost
at the turn of the millennium due to computer
problems. This was revealed in an internal
document from the Ministry of Transport and
Communications. The Rail Administration has
found Y2K bugs in its systems in Hamar. (Dagbladet)

Norway Post

-- spider (, June 14, 2000.

Very interesting spider. Thanks for the info!

-- (, June 15, 2000.

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